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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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I was at Knott's, and there were two siblings ( about 10 and 12) walking to Silver Bullet. Girl: (points at train vertical loop) "Ohmygoditgoesupsidedown?" Boy: (points at train in over bank) "And then it does a knife edge".

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Six Flags:

Can you stomach the relentless loops and twists on this fearless coaster? Mike and Ike is giving you and your friends a chance to find out! Enter sweeps for chance to win an all-inclusive Reunion Trip & Summer Concert Experience for 4! Enter: http://goo.gl/JDKLp



man st.louis needs to gets these rides


And also, that comment had 4 likes.

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I heard some guests behind me in line for Gold Striker telling their kid (who was getting their first ride) that Gold Striker is the tallest wooden coaster in the world. Being polite, I broke the ice and told them that it was a regional record, being NorCal. Afterwards, we got to talking about the coaster in general.


When in line (that was spilling into main walkway) we saw it was blocking. Our group made efforts to get the line to move to the side so that the path can be clear and almost everyone cooperated...even the kid behind us. The parent asks their kid "What are you doing? Why are you getting out of line?" The kid told the parents that we were trying to move over...it finally clicked in on the group effort being made


Lastly, Gold Striker e-stopped in the lift (because some idiot had their phone out, recording yet another vertically shot shaky POV) when I heard some kid further ahead ask someone in their group "What if it gets stuck in the loopty loop?"

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On a Radiator Springs Racers video:

Another badly ride.. that should of not been built.. why not do a Fast and the furious instead? And actually make the damn things hit higher speeds if the super man ride could do a 100 mph why can't these?

How can so much fail be packed in so few words?

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Guy at Indiana Jones at DL asks the CM, "is the wait 4 hours and 11 minutes?" The CM says, "that's the clock. The time is 4:11." I guess all the parks he visits has clocks with hands for wait times.


Really in attractive girl is wearing a shirt that says,"I'm here, what are your other two wishes?" I think that person needs a new genie.

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I overheard two things at KD yesterday.


I mentioned that I remembered when Anaconda was green and my friend said "It used to be green but it turned orange because it got sun bleached." No matter how many times I explained it was because it was repainted orange he kept insisting that it turned that color because of the sun.


Also when I got on Rebel Yell I overheard some girl say "Someone falls out once or twice a month on accident. They usually survive though."

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At SFMM and in line for Apocalypse (formerly known as Terminator: Salvation)... I overheard this group of teenagers and one of them was like, "What happened to that Terminator ride?" (Face palm). And then his friend was like, "dude, that ride's at Knotts Berry Farm." (Face palm again)!

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On my RCT3 Recreation of CGA's Demon, someone tried to tell me that since my RCT3 reacreation is 105 ft tall, (rounded) that:

Your so stupid Nelsonr12 your so stupid it's only 86ft tall!


To which I said that my rec is 105, but according to RCDB, the real ride is 102.


To Which he said:

Your crazy!! Not even gold striker is that tall and it's taller than demon!
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