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  1. That is something the park would love to do, however light packages are expensive especially for a good one. Right now that money is better spent elsewhere in the park.
  2. The bar was open at JB's when I was there a month ago. Didn't notice if it was open Saturday.
  3. 2019 ride closure list Screamin Eagle Superman Boss Boomerang Xcalibur (rehab) This year should be similar except Justice League and the Carousel will be closed and Xcalibur will be open.
  4. Hopefully they will make the carousel house match. I've never much cared for the look of the carousel house, never really complimented the carousel.
  5. Red train is still undergoing its annual rehab. Speaking of Eagle, the station is getting a new roof. Just a thought, this building would make an excellent location to showcase one of the finished carousel horses.
  6. Plans for Fright Fest and HIP are not finalized yet. If the park goes ahead with both events reduced hours and days should be expected.
  7. Boomerang is operating after closing early last season for upgrades to the second lift. Personally I like Boomerang's position in front of Eagle. Eagle makes an excellent back drop for just about anything.
  8. SFSTL just cut Mondays and Tuesdays from the operating schedule.
  9. The park doesn't own enough water dummies to do that. Also the water dummies they do have are the inflatable type and not the ridged plastic type, so I personally wouldn't trust them with guest on board.
  10. I used to operate this ride back in 2014. At that time Yellow and Purple train could not be dispatched without a certain number of people in the train or a certain number of rows with lead weights in them. At that time Purple required every seat filled with people or every row had to have weights to run it empty. Green train was the partial exception to the rule at that time. During the summer Green train could be dispatched empty. During the Spring and Fall it had to either be loaded either with people or weights. Outside of a few circumstances the Gerstlauer trains have never been a
  11. Boss can't be cycled empty. Empty trains cannot compete the course. I thought I've seen empty trains run after a short stoppage. Depends on were the train stops. If it is at the MCBR it will complete the course without issue. If it is on the lift and is unloaded then sent 98% of the time it won't make it to the MCBR.
  12. Boss can't be cycled empty. Empty trains cannot compete the course.
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