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Quick Trip report: Fiesta Texas, 12/26/17

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Went back to Fiesta Texas today, as my newly acquired pass was offering me "bring a friend free" today.


So I got hold of my friend Russell, and we headed down to San Antonio, despite the weather being kind of crappy -- very overcast and drizzly, with fog, and hovering in the mid 50's with a cold front on the way for later in the day.


I figured it was still a good day to go, as the park would either be dead the day after Christmas, or super packed, and we could just wander around.


it ended up being pretty dead, both for the crowds, and for the staffing (seemingly). .there were multiple restaurants/food service stands shuttered, and a bunch of flats just not operating (Spinsanity, Waverunner, Hustler, and others weren't operating - tho *had* been on our prior trip back on the 3rd - but strangely the Top Spin, Twister, *was* running. . although that's seemingly rare, since there was NO ONE riding it - they were cycling it with no one on it just to show that it was operating the times we passed it).


Superman: Krypton Coaster and Poltergeist never opened (both had signs noting the weather was the cause due to the temperature), and as the cold front hit earlier than expected - around 3pm - and the temps dropped into the mid-low 40s, other coasters, such as Goliath and Batman and rides like Skyscreamer shut down.


Luckily, Iron Rattler kept running (yay) as that was the main reason I wanted to go back, and we ended up getting 3 rides on that.

tho the last ride, towards the late afternoon had a fairly longish wait (35-45 minutes) because as other rides closed, everyone in the park seemed to head to the Cracksaxle Canyon area - where IR, Roadrunner Express, the Train, and a few kiddie rides continued to operate.


Even earlier in the day, when IR was a "Walk On" it still took 10 minutes or so due to somewhat atrocious dispatch output from a staff that seemed to not care too much about being there when it was cold (even tho Fiesta was running two trains on Iron Rattler, the prior train would always be back on the break-run waiting for the loading train to leave. . yeah, so even tho there were two trains, it was just as if they were running 1).


That's a minor complaint tho, as we did get multiple rides with not a long wait initially -- and every other employee we dealt with during the day was pleasant, happy to be there, and seemed to be having a great time (Kudos to the Security Guard who we chatted with for staying upbeat despite being assigned to keep people from jumping in the giant tree in front of Rockville -- no really. . I asked her why she was guarding the tree and we had a wonderful conversation about it).


For Iron Rattler, we rode back, near back, then front. Despite how much i loved the back? i would say IR is a front seat ride. . such an amazing amount of airtime in the front seat that we just didn't get in the back. And the way the front "stalls" over the drop as the rest of the car crests the lift hill? it was like a mini version of Valravn. LOVED IT.


we spent most of the rest of our time just wandering around (again, IR was the main reason we had gone, since I'd only ridden it once, back on 12/3, and Russell had never been on it), but we did get a ride on Fireball (1st time I've ridden one, and I must say that I liked it way more than I was expecting, and it didn't make me nauseous at all), and we went ahead and hopped on Scooby Doo, since the line was *way* shorter than the ferris wheel!


Took a bunch of pics of Wonder Woman construction - and the construction guys were on-site working. . they seem determined to have this ready to go in March. And I think they will do it! almost the entire track is now up, and the only part missing is the Lift Hill (and the loading station).


the track is wonderfully, wonderfully twisty. The pics don't do it justice just how twisty this track is. Just lovely.


anyways. .here's the pics from today!


hope you enjoy.


Overcast and drizzle, a bit cold too..but Goliath was running as we came into the mostly empty park today.

took this just after we parked, and we were in the 1st non-handicapped row (arriving about 15 minutes after Noon opening)





took another photo with Santa, to remedy not having my hands up in the pic we took last trip. .tho my friend takes a worse pic (or pics..he took about 40 of them in a 'burst') than my spouse! I was able to crop this one to at least get a decent picture. . LOL


Pepe Le Pew was out!! I love Pepe.

(and yes, I handed my phone to the Six Flags handler to take the pic, rather than my friend, as I wanted a good pic) :)


told you. . I LOVE Pepe


after our 1st ride on Iron Rattler, got some good pics of Roadrunner next door (since My prior trip report didn't include any pics from this side of the park)


it really does have a lovely layout, and some nice forces (if a bit shakey), although *all* the Loony Toon characters are now missing from the "scenes". no Wiley, no Boulder, no Roadrunner. . . tho the stands they used to be on are still there. odd.




Basically a station wait for Iron Rattler for our 1st two rides on it.


tho the 2nd car had to wait on the brake run every time, due to horrid dispatch times.




Superman peeking over the Quarry Wall.. we knew something was up, as we never saw it running, and sadly due to temperatures, it never ran today :(


Love the coaster cars on Iron Rattler. .it's pretty well themed.


here's the butt.


and here's the front, from the car sitting at the brake run :)


Close up of the front, from when we were waiting for Front Row.




I had to take a pic of this when we passed it in Kidzopolis. . . maybe when the LEDs are lit up they look like singing trees, but these were truly horrifyingly scary in person! I can imagine the nightmares they have given kids. . LOL


the "main" tree in Rockville. It was lovely, and had all kinds of sparkling lights on it.


Tree Selfie!



ok. THIS is what i really wanted to get pics of.. . progress on Wonder Woman. (and a non-running Superman on the right)


wow. . almost completely assembled! Only missing the lift hill!







Giving Superman some close up love, even tho it wasn't running.


From a different angle, you can see the flow of this thing. .it's gonna be amazing!




and even tho the day after Christmas, and it being cold and drizzly? the Construction guys were there working on it!




just LOOK at that amazing curve on the right there? wow.



a little more Supes love.


you can see how dead the park was, in that almost no one was looking at the Wonder Woman construction.


the little cactus tree there? it's where the "Amerigoround" Carousel usually is.. a little sign noted they had removed it for the season, but it would be back (in a different location) in 2018


the Rockville tree and Scream (they had been running 2 of the 3 sides, but as the temps dropped, the only continued to run the front right side)


Fireball.. . I'd never been on one of these, and now I have. Liked it way more than I thought i would.

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Great report! It’s amazing how small Wonder Woman’s track actually is. Its placement next to Superman’s cobra roll really puts it into perspective. Nice photos!





it's funny, even tho we only rode a few things, it was still worth the drive down to San Antonio, and it's impressive how much work they done on Wonder Woman just in the 3 weeks since I was last there!

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Great report!


I actually thought Iron Rattler was far more of a back seat ride because of the insane air on the first drop and quarry drop, but to each their own. It gives an outstanding ride in any seat.


That's a bummer several of the other coasters went down for cold. That's something that I forget can happen at a Six Flags park with Great Adventure and New England rolling vehicles out of the station in the high teens/low 20s.

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Great report!


I actually thought Iron Rattler was far more of a back seat ride because of the insane air on the first drop and quarry drop, but to each their own. It gives an outstanding ride in any seat.


That's a bummer several of the other coasters went down for cold. That's something that I forget can happen at a Six Flags park with Great Adventure and New England rolling vehicles out of the station in the high teens/low 20s.


yeah, it's Texas, so the moment it gets into the 50's folks freak out.


you should have seen the other week when we got some snow for an evening! People went nuts.


it was a shame Poltergeist and Supes never opened, as those are two of the better coasters there, but it was all good, since IR was running.


I liked the back, the whip as it brings you over the drop (and as you said, dive into canyon), but the airtime from when we rode in front just blew us away. . it really was pretty amazing. So I'll ride near front on IR in the future I think

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Great report.


Hilarious that you're in shorts and coasters are closed for temps.


LOL. . I like the cold, and I'm wearing two shirts, and a sweater, so I was comfy.


tho it really did start to get cold with the wind in the quarry once the temps dropped.


We didnt' do the "unlimited hot chocolate" that seemed to be selling like crazy, but both the place we stopped for lunch, and the place we stopped for "snack" later were out of it, and had many unhappy customers while we were there. . . . so yeah, it got cold enough the hot drinks kept running out.


by the way, the dining pass i was going back and forth on buying with the pass (when Six Flags kept dropping the price to me in emails) has already paid for itself. We used it on our trip 12/3, and I used it yesterday to get a burger ($12.95 !!!), and a pretzel ($6.95). . so right there was $20. Food prices in the park have gotten insane. . .so glad I gave in and did dining pass!

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glad to see folks enjoying the pics!


I was worried it was too overcast for good pics. .but i say again, this thing is just lovely in person. It's gonna be amazing, and since only thing left for them to put up is lift hill and station?.. yeah, it's gonna be ready for the March launch date!


(wow. . front page, thanks TPR )

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Great pictures, Bert. I was apprehensive about how the single rail would look. I thought it might look strange or ugly, but it looks fantastic. In a weird way the RMC track on Iron Rattler and Wonder Woman makes the B&M track on Superman look really dated. I'm looking forward to seeing these T-Rex prototypes run and I'm curious how they will sound.

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WW is looking awesome! Can't wait to see eventual test rides on it.


Thanks for all the great photos, Bert!

And have a Happy New Year!


Right back at ya, Bill!



and thanks to all on the comments. We had fun yesterday, glad I could share the pics and that they came out as good as they did (I have an Iphone 6, so that's what the pics are taken on)

Edited by bert425
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Nice report Bert, thanks for the pics!


of course!


when are you going to hit the Texas parks?


base camp in Austin, and I'll go with you to the Two Six Flags (San Antonio, and Dallas), as well as the the pit stop in Seguin to ride the switchback at ZDT's

Edited by bert425
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Your mention of the ride dispatch times on Iron rattler makes me smile, because I found that to be the same the same day you and I were there 3 weeks ago.

It seemed to me that the "quieter" the ride was, the more time it took for them to load and dispatch the train. I wouldn't have minded quite so much if it weren't for the fact that on most of the dispatches, personal conversations between the ride attendants took priority over the ride itself.

Ho hum!

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Yay, you made the email list with your TR!! Now that you’re famous just don’t forget about your fans who have cheered you on from the very beginning when you were basically unknown. LOL! Great report as always. Those Xmas trees are super creepy and IR looks awesome. Do you (or someone else) know if that Superman is the same thing as Medusa/Bizarro at SFGAdv?


Wonder Woman looks more like a strange work of modern art than it does a roller coaster. I love it!


I thought the same thing! An interesting looking coaster for sure. If it rides half as cool as it looks it’ll be a heck of a ride.

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