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  1. Chance Rides makes new electric cars. I wonder if they'll be the ones that make the Antique Cars for Kings Island. I don't know about you guys, but I'm actually pretty excited for this. I actually LOVE antique car rides! I mean, they almost always have short lines and it is just plain fun!
  2. I'm super excited for their new waterpark expansion! I wonder how big it will be? I'm thinking a splash fortress with a big tipping bucket and then maybe a small slide complex. Maybe even a lazy river!
  3. I could actually see something like a new Mack coaster and then another flat ride in the area! Maybe like a Zamperla Endeavor. Or they could add a Skywarp and they would be adding two new coasters! That'd be pretty spectacular.
  4. Are you going to head over to Santa's Village Azoosment Park? It is great little family park. I'm sure your kids would love it!
  5. It would make me sad of they got rid of Mile High Falls. I loved it and it absolutely drenched me! Plus they would only have one water ride if they were to get rid of it. I just think it fits so well in that area of the park. Though if they were to get rid of it, I'd love to see an RMC raptor or a Gerstlauer Infinity in its place.
  6. This is great--thanks for highlighting it! The park is definitely on my list for my next Branson visit. Someone kindly save me the searching--were there originally whisperings that this park would/might be temporary? I hope it sticks around. You remember correctly. They've advertised it as this summer only, but they've also dropped hints that if they make enough money on it, they'll come back next year. Edgeboy, glad to hear it's open and that it's a good experience. I'll have to get down there soon to check it out for myself. Where have they advertised it as this summer only? That just doesn't seem right since they built a huge, permanent building with a large, paved parking lot and a large LED sign. If they really only intended to keep it open for a summer (or at least just test the waters for a year) then they would just have a gravel parking lot, a cheap sign, and no building at all.
  7. I'd love a Lech Coaster style ride. That ride looks super intense and amazing and it only cost seven million US dollars. I feel like Six Flags would love a model like that since it is so cheap. I'd love to see them go with a design that had more airtime though. It seems that the park doesn't have a whole lot of airtime oriented rides.
  8. Does it make anybody else kind of happy to look at the RCDB pages for Frontier City and Darien Lake and see Six Flags as the operators? I'm actually really excited to see what happens to these parks.
  9. Those are beautiful colors. Though I wonder why they didn't add a lighting package to it. One of my favorite parts about endeavors are their stunning light packages.
  10. Is anybody going to Alabama Splash Adventure for opening day? I'm interested to hear some reviews on the park this season. Of everything that is being added across the amusement industry in 2018, this is probably the expansion I'm most looking forward to, and it isn't because it is my home park (SDC is). It just makes me happy to see such a small park that was practically closed make such a large investment. Plus I love the three major flat rides that they are adding, and I always think it is wonderful to add new kid rides. I just bought a new car that gets forty-two miles per gallon, I'm seriously thinking about taking a road trip with my closest friends down to Alabama Splash Adventure. Also, does anybody know anything about the Freefall slides? I remember they had a speed slide a couple years ago on the tower with the bowl slide, but it was removed. The new park map has the bowl slide as being removed and two speed slides in its place with the caption "coming summer 2018."
  11. The Gotham area seems so cool with Harley Quinn, Joker, and Riddler Revenge! I rode the Riddler Revenge at Six Flags Over Texas and I prefer the Zamperla versions to Huss or Mondial versions. I really wish Six Flags St. Louis would get one since it is my closest Six Flags park. Zamperla giant discoveries are probably my favorite flat ride.
  12. I'd love to see them put the Troika across from the Sidewinder over by Titan. There really isn't much else over in that corner. I think it would give something for little kids and parents to ride while their older kids and teenagers are riding Titan.
  13. Boblo seemed like such a nice park! It didn't have the biggest attractions, but it did seem like a nice place to spend a day with the family. It certainly had a beautiful location!
  14. Gosh. I kind of really want to get out to Six Flags St. Louis this year to try the new Boss. Maybe I can hit it up on the way up to Six Flags Great America. I wish they had put something in place of Highland Fling this year or kept it open another year. I'm thinking either a Tourbillon or a Chance Freestyle will be going in its place next year. Or, this is a wild idea, but I'd love to see them remove that upcharge skycoaster behind it also and add a second kiddie area with a kiddie coaster. Bugs Bunny National Park is a pretty small kiddie section and the smallest coaster in the park is Pandemonium. I'd love to see them add a DC Superfriends area. A while ago, Six Flags sent out a guest survey asking about kiddie rides at certain parks.
  15. It is optional....but most of us mid-westerners are too polite to not take the picture...lol. I too hope it goes away....I'm guessing it might take a season or two before it's gone. Saw I lot of people with those pics running around the park. I don't think it is a too polite thing. I think most of them think it is mandatory. The attendants don't ask "would you like to take a picture?" They instead ask "how many?" Then they direct you where to stand.
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