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Robb & Elissa's Oktoberfest 2017 Trip!

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We are back on the road again for another adventure! This time we are in Germany base camping at Oktoberfest for the first few days and then heading to Europa Park, Phantasialand, and more! Keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram Story, and Snapchat for more updates!


On our first "arrival" night we did a couple of quick laps around Oktoberfest. Here's the replay of the livestream we did. Be sure to watch the entire video! It's filled with all sorts of AWESOME rides and we even take a ride on Olympia Looping during the video!



Another TPR adventure has begun!



Yay! We have made it to Oktoberfest!



I love this photo! Olympia Looping train through one of the loops with the amazing crowd in the background! And even with that many people, we only waited 5 minutes of Olympia Looping!



Alpina Bahn is sort of like Olympia Looping without the loops! Amazing ride!



Hollenblitz has to be the most amazing, totally screwed up spinning ride I've ever done! I have lots of video of this coaster that I'll post soon!



The only outdoor section of the this ride. The rest is indoors filled with Christmas trees, fire cannons, and a rave party! Yes!



Oh yes... there WILL be beer!



There will be a LOT of beer!


Did we mention that we rode this TOTALLY SCREWED UP WTF coaster?!?!? POV coming soon!




So that is sort of a taste of what is to come! Remember to follow us on social media, especially Twitter where we will post quite a bit to. Our Twitter is:


Remember to please POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!

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Michael and I watched the You Tube stream on TV last night...it brought back lots of good memories of our trip to Germany and Oktoberfest! So THANK YOU for doing what you're doing because we are unfortunately not in a position to do these types of trips with Michael's recent health issues.


It was great seeing Jack there too...he has been a great motivator for Michael and myself during this rough past year...looking forward to the rest of your epic journey!


And that Voodoo ride? WTF was that and that weird gliding coaster???


We love, LOVE Germany!!!

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Amazing start, and will live vicariously thru y'all on this trip!


Olympia Looping looks amazing, and is one I've always wanted to ride, but until i ever take a trip overseas, living via y'all is the closest I'll get. And when you mentioned you're doing Europa Park on this trip too? I'll be paying close attention to your feeds!


have a great time y'all. .. fun, love, and beer!

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Amazing start, and will live vicariously thru y'all on this trip!


I'm right there with you!! I'll be living vicariously through them on this trip too! Can't wait to follow along.


Olympia Looping is one of those "bucket list coasters" that I'll sadly probably never get a chance to ride!

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We were so lucky to have visionaries like Schwarzkopf. I mean it's incredible how he created such great coasters without even using computer aided design, plus many of his rides are STILL running, and still REALLY good! Olympia Looping with five trains running is such a beautiful sight.

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just watched the video (from the twitter feed on front page of TPR) of the Drifting Swing coaster.


W.T.F. ????


and I would totally ride it, and laugh the whole way thru! that looks like fun and confusing all at the same time.


I'd just make sure not to ride it after eating anything. . . but wow, does that look fun.

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Loved loved the Live Stream. Absolutely plan to make a visit soon. Saw Olympia Looping was 9 Euros and Drifing was 6. Normal flats are a bit cheaper than that? I'm fascinated by the whole thing, so many individual ticket booths and all those ride operators on Olympia Looping. And the Helter Skelter, Alien Encounter, and live band half speed Casino like ride. Have fun!

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^ ^ I laughed way to hard at that video!! What was with the giant orange and green thing coming down from the sky beating people!?


It is a way to get people off the ride and of course as amusement for the audience. The beauty of this ride is not just actually doing it, but watching, you can do that for hours, it will never gets boring.


Great start to the trip, I enjoyed the live stream too.

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This is my kind of porn! I could watch Hot Blonde European Chicks do this all day! I am going to go on one of these Octoberfest trips one year. Robb, It's arrogant of me to say, but I felt as if you were thinking of me the whole time you were recording this. I can only imagine that Dan and Joey were somewhere close by drooling and touching themselves inapropriately.

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