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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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Finally, the supports arrived. I could see the track coming very soon.


The supports are black so they have be for Pandemonium because they have get all of the Pandemonium track, cars, and supports out of the way before the Superman track and supports come in.

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Looks blue to me too, plus Captain Lee, the park's spokesperson tweeted the photo on his account this morning, saying: "CaptainLeeMunro: Ooooh. Look what I saw at the park this morning... Must have come in overnight! #Superman http://twitgoo.com/5n84ky"


And if they were going to put Pandemonium's supports on a truck to get them out of there why then would they just park the truck next to Medusa? Since the truck is sitting right next to the site where the ride will go, and these are blue, and it was tweeted these just ARRIVED, they are not supports for Pandemonium.

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Which parts are these exactly? Station material?


No, the track, supports, sign?, former video shack, and cars! are those parts still there?

The pieces are gone. This article is from last week. The pieces are down at the Coaster Museum being rehabbed, then they are on their way to Mexico.



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Just got back today from a extremely uncrowded day at SFDK! I was surprised at the lack of crowds! And EVERY ride (except Voodu - which doesn't count because it's so boring - needs a new software update) was open! Even both water rides! Monsoon Falls got stuck on the lift hill early afternoon and remained there the entire day. Riders had to be helped off.

Of course, Roar only had one train, which is normal, but it was SMOOTH! Almost like silk! 100% smoother than it was when I rode it in December! Like previously posted, Boomerang had no gum ads, and the M&M Steps were gone too by the old entrance to Roar. We walked up the stairs and immediately noticed all the M&M ads were gone! You know you go to Six Flags too much when you notice empty stairs!


There were a few workers working on Superman, but mostly I either saw them sitting around or nobody there at all.





And the water at the Sea Lion stadium was super green and slimy looking.






All in all, a great visit though!

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