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  1. The prices are clearly listed on their site... https://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/store/tickets https://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/special-events/fright-fest-night Those are the admission prices. The prices for the "haunted attractions" still say coming soon. That is what I am looking for. I’m pretty sure you didn’t look at all... The same exact page said "Coming Soon" instead of a price when I made my original post, so feel free to save your condesention. Thanks for the info RawkinCoaster.
  2. The prices are clearly listed on their site... https://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/store/tickets https://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/special-events/fright-fest-night Those are the admission prices. The prices for the "haunted attractions" still say coming soon. That is what I am looking for.
  3. Can anyone give me info on how much they charge for the haunts? Prices apparently aren't available on the website yet. Trying to gather info for a group of friends who all want to go, and of course they assumed I would know. :-/ Trying to remember what they charged last year to at least have an idea!
  4. And the story continues... This news report is saying that they are still shooting for a June 15th opening. Seems this story was posted AFTER the Facebook post that was published (and then disappeared) saying the park would not open this year. I think the only hope for this park is that she manages to get it open in whatever state it may be, and then holds to her word of selling it! Lol.
  5. I don't fully know why, but for some reason I have been intrigued with the drama around this park for about the last ten years. Just curious if anyone else has recently followed the struggles this park has had? The most recent plans for the park were to rebrand it as "Ghost Town Village." There seemed to be conflicting reports as to whether there would still be ANY rides. This morning, I saw a facebook post from the park saying that they would not be open this year, but that post has since been removed. Anyone have any insight?
  6. Be jealous. I drive past this bad boy on my way to work every day (and still haven't even ridden it).
  7. Any word on if that is how operations will run once it is "officially" open? I really like the idea of the no goggles folks being front and back. Seems to make sense to me.
  8. Hello all! Just thought I would share a few photos from my somewhat recent first trip to Castles N Coasters. Overall,as the OP posted, it was a nice little park as long as you know not to expect a huge deal. Arrived in the early afternoon and the park was closed for a private event until 1:00. Luckily, we arrived around 12:30 so didn't really have to wait long. Desert Storm, their "major coaster" was a walk on each time I rode it. It was surprising that this was consistently the shortest line in the park. Not surprising was that the log ride was consistently the longest, but even at that it was only about a 15 minute wait max. I imagine during the hot Phoenix summer this can be a pretty gnarly line. I was pleasantly surprised that their family coaster "Patriot" had quite a bit of speed...definitely a fun addition. Couple of decent coasters, some fun flats, and a nice clean park. My only complaint (if you would even call it that) would be that several of the ride opps seemed that they were hating their lives. Not quite sure how this is...if I were a teenager operating a ride, I would be thrilled! But maybe that's just me. On to the pics... The moose out front should have told you... And now we enter. Desert Storm...surprisingly smooth(ish) Not quite sure why I took a pic of the sign, and not the ride. Time to cool off. Splash!
  9. Still seems like an overall win to me after reading your telling of it. Lol. I once was the dumb enthusiast on Superman as well and left my phone in my back pocket. I felt it slide out mid-ride and was hating life the rest of the ride...however SOMEHOW when we got back to the station, I saw it sitting in my lap. Bummer your phone didn't get so lucky.
  10. Kinda sad to say it was Patriot at Castles N Coaster in Phoenix. Although, for a little family coaster it did pack a decent punch.
  11. Well this article clearly isn't about me. It is about "coaster geeks." I on the other hand am a "coaster nerd." Huge difference.
  12. Kinda nice to see some positive news about animals in a park: Sharkbite the Sea Lion
  13. Thanks for posting. Planning to visit a friend in Phoenix next month, and this was on my list of things to do that weekend. Looks like a fun little partial day park. Glad to hear the coasters ride relatively smooth...I wasn't sure what to expect from a Hopkins coaster since there aren't many of them.
  14. Nothing quite like getting hit with a BB while riding a coaster. From what I have heard, the coaster itself is painful enough without being shot at. See the story here Glad the girl is ok. Could have been much worse.
  15. I'm with everyone else being disappointed that Coasting for Kids isn't continuing in it's previous form. Very hopeful that an alternate fundraising event is coordinated to support GKTW as suggested. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the new charity that Cedar Fair is partnering with is? As a fan of GKTW I'm going to support any efforts to raise money for them, but that doesn't exclude other good charities from existing and needing help as well!
  16. This is my main issue with CGA, and why I feel SFDK is a much better park. Flight Deck, Vortex, and Demon are all incredibly short. Personally, I feel like adding the water park was a horrible move back in the day. I feel like a water park and an amusement park are activities for 2 separate days, and that spaxe could be (and was) used for another top notch coaster. Are there any other parks in the world that have them in the same gate? I believe Hershey Park does if I am not mistaken. Funny difference that when I go to CGA people seem to be at one or the other without switching back and forth. However (years ago) when I was at Hershey there seemed to be plenty of people who were there for both the amusement park AND the water park.
  17. I feel like I am the only one around who feels that an RMC of Roar is a bit of a waste. Keep in mind that I've done absolutely ZERO research in price comparisons, but I feel likely their money would be better spent on a dark ride that would better round out the park. It really does feel to me that the park is slowly gravitating away from a family park and focusing too much on the thrills. But hey...maybe a 2017 RMC of Giant Dipper? I kid! I kid!
  18. Although it was SUPER delayed, I just posted an update in the Coasting for Kids thread. Curious if anyone knows how long Flight Deck was closed after the accident with the maintenance worker? Is it re-opened? I feel for the worker and rider who were injured, but as it is pretty clear it wasn't ride malfunction I would assume it didn't say closed long?
  19. So, yeah I realize I am a weeeeee bit late. But hey, it's only been 10 days. Figured I'd give a brief trip report on Coasting for Kids from California's Great America! Here goes... My friend/co-rider and I arrived at the park around 8:45 (for 9am check-in) to see several other CFK participants waiting outside the parking lot gates ready to go in. They didn't let us in until around 9:15 or so, but that still gave everyone plenty of time for check-in for the 10:00 start. We were greeted by Roger Ross, CGA's awesome PR person who has been great to us each of the past several years during CFK! 10am hit, and Roger gave us a brief rundown of how things would be running for the day. As it has been the past couple of years, we were split in to two groups, with one group starting off on Flight Deck and the other starting off on Demon...and then switch after lunch. My friend and I chose FD, since we had a sneaking suspicion we would have a headache after a couple of rides on Demon. But before that, we were ushered to Gold Striker for the first two laps of the day. That has been a nice bonus start to the Coasting for Kids day each year since Gold Striker was built. (it was an awesome ride as always) Procedure for us was the normal 2 rides on/1 ride off, although the Flight Deck crew had a bit of a rough time getting in to a groove with us at first, so sometimes we missed a lap. Operations were a bit slow, so instead of the normal 40 laps we get in during this event, we only got in 20, and even those who stayed on the entire time got a max of 25 laps. Overall, the crew was friendly, and they were trying their hardest...no complaints whatsoever. My friend and I decided after our 20 lap bathroom break to make our way towards the lunch area since we knew we weren't going to get many more laps in. Lunch was served at Maggie Brown's (We were very excited when we heard this first thing in the morning...perhaps that is why were anxious to head over early. Award ceremonies were held for top fundraisers. Two of the top 3 were Team TPR members. As always, Chase raised a crazy amount and made our team look good. Go Chase! Upon chatting with everyone during lunch, it turned out that the majority of the other half (including Chase) did an amazing 37 laps on the Demon. I feel bad for their heads that night. Here is where I have to admit that our group had quite a bit less stamina than the morning group on Demon, because after lunch we had to get off after just two laps. I wasn't feeling like heading home with brain damage that day. Fortunately CGA had provided us with Flash Passes for the day, so we were able to get in a bit of everything else, as well as enjoy the Aerial Ice Extreme show (always fun no matter how many times you see it). Overall an awesome day and lots of money raised for the cause! Waiting to get in the lot! The early Flight Deck crew. 3/4 of Team TPR for the day in row 26. Neeeeeeeerds! some Gold Striker nerdiness on the way to lunch. Maggie Brown's yummy goodness sent from heaven. Chase receiving his award for top fundraiser! Team TPR! One of our two rides on Demon. I'm disappointed in myself for not trying at least 5. ...but ouch. I take my bumper cars seriously. Horrible quality pic of Aerial Ice. And some funnel cake to end the day.
  20. Well, I will at least attempt it this year. Not sure which is more abusive to marathon between Demon and Vortex.
  21. Found this on the website: http://support.gktw.org/site/TR?fr_id=1360&pg=entry Registration Time // Location: 9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. // Event time: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Marathon Taking Place On: Flight Deck & Demon' date=' Participants can take the first ride of the day on Gold Striker at 9:50 am to kick things off. Meal Time // Location: 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. // TBD Awards Ceremony Time //Location: 2:30 p.m. // TBD Regular Park Operating Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Prizes: 1st place - 4 single day tickets to Great America, 4 meals coupons & Peanuts prize package 2nd place - 4 single day tickets to Great America 3rd place - Give Kids The World gift basket[/quote'] They seriously must have posted this right after I asked. Lol. I swear I checked before posting here.
  22. Made my last minute donations, and making my final pushes via e-mail and social media. Hoping to make $300 by the end of the day. Just curious if anyone has received any information regarding California's Great America? With only a couple of days left, you'd think we would at least know a registration time. Lol. If nothing else, I'll do some research and see when we were scheduled the last few years.
  23. ...and as usual we are still waiting for our itinerary for California's Great America. It isn't a big deal since we all get to fundraising right away, and have a great time no matter what. But I am curious why we are always last. Lol.
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