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  1. Wow. Just saw an e-mail from Kara that CGA is including a morning lap on Gold Striker on the Coasting for Kids itinerary! What an awesome surprise. Really have to give some props to CGA for going out of their way for this event!
  2. www.smokymountainnews.com/news/item/10411-ghost-town-falls-short-of-summer-opening-target Not a great way to start the season for an already struggling park.
  3. Any guesses about an opening date? I know it is speculation at this point, but I was hoping to make a trip to coincide with one of their free concerts. (I plead the fifth on which concert. Lol)
  4. Got you and your friend covered! Have fun! -Jason You sir, are awesome.
  5. If anyone is looking for someone to donate to, please consider my friend who has a ways to go to get to minimum despite the fact that I KNOW she has been trying! Haven't made minimum myself either, but I am certain I am going to be fine. Her page is: www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/teresazequeira/CaliforniasGreatAmerica2013 Thanks folks.
  6. It might at this point now that they are apparently investing in CGA once again, but when Windseekers were initially popping up there didn't seem to be much desire for Cedar Fair to keep CGA as part of it's portfolio. My guess would be that after the addition of Gold Striker this year, that it will be a few years before we see another large investment....and I would HOPE that it wouldn't be a Windseeker!
  7. I don't actually count my lap cycles but my guess is it would be a toss up between Medusa as SFDK or Flight Deck at CGA (after getting in 40 rides during Coasting For Kids last year)
  8. Spring has arisen. Hear the clank of the lift hill. Season has begun.
  9. How have the crowds been for spring break? Debating on taking my first trip of the season tomorrow or waiting a bit.
  10. The Boardwalk said Undertow will open in June. They're still waiting for the track pieces to arrive from Germany. Should be pretty soon, hopefully. From the Big Kahuna Club newsletter: http://us1.campaign-archive2.com/?u=d7425a38ca1adb30fd8c787ab&id=7ac763896f I imagine Undertow will start rising very quickly once they start on it.
  11. I am just too big of a fan of B&M to say anything other than Gatekeeper, even though I will likely not be seeing it soon enough. However if both rides were side by side in the same place and I could only ride one, I know which direction I would walk.
  12. I am very excited for this season at CGA in general. It seems that they are stepping up their game all around and finally committing to this park! Way to go Cedar Fair!
  13. Just saw the most disappointing version of Beauty and the Beast by a national touring company when it came through Sacramento. While I have enjoyed this show in the past, this company made the first act so slapstick that it was almost unbearable. I was very very let down.
  14. Yeah, I'm surprised as well. Though, off the top of my head, I don't recall too many "kids" running around without a parent close behind them. But it must be an issue now if they decided to make the rule. That was my thought as well...I don't recall any instances at DLR where this has seemed an issue to me. Perhaps it is a larger problem at other Disney parks (which I don't visit as frequently). If that is the case, it would make sense to implement in company wide.
  15. Finally signed up for Coasting for Kids today! Looking forward to participating again this year at CGA! Two new additions to Team TPR for CFK: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/craigjensen/CaliforniasGreatAmerica20131 and my good friend https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/teresazequeira/CaliforniasGreatAmerica2013
  16. If you are hitting the states in late December, you may also be able to hit some of the "Holiday in the Park" type events that many parks are doing as well.
  17. Although it has taken me a few weeks to post a picture, this does NOT reflect a lack of excitement when I received my Bag O Crap! Thanks TPR!
  18. While I DO hope the event is run a bit differently at CGA this year, I will be participating no matter what! Looking forward to the details coming out so I can start fundraising.
  19. Thought this was an interesting post on the park's Facebook page. Does anyone know if shops and restaurants have been leased like this at prior incarnations of the park? ...or we're they run by the park?
  20. Silverwood's latest teaser from their Facebook page. "You will be turning 360 degrees, two different ways, on our NEW ride. This just might be your view..."
  21. I would go back to Ca's Great America of the past and re-ride my first "real" coaster The Whizzer. I need to make it to SFGA and and do the next best thing, before someone thinks it's a good idea to remove the remaining Whizzer as well.
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