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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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Couple Pictures takin from the Park's instagram! Photo creds to the park. The First features the topping of the lift (Yesterday) while the second pic shows the lift from 5 days ago!






Forget the bolts; how is the train going to navigate that gauge change?

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TRIP REPORT 7/3/20   We arrived at the parking lot around 9:40am. There were no cars in front of us or behind us. We noticed a few people walking the path toward the park. We parked and took the

Walruses are back at SFDK!! 😍 This makes me really happy. The walruses were some of my favorites and I was really sad when Uquq had to go away. Glad she's coming back and she has a new fr

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Wow that looks a LOT more impressive than I imagined. Very steep and sharp, twisted turn. From my experience on Wicked Cyclone, that first drop in the back row will be one of the greatest in the entire world.

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Couple Pictures takin from the Park's instagram! Photo creds to the park. The First features the topping of the lift (Yesterday) while the second pic shows the lift from 5 days ago!






Forget the bolts; how is the train going to navigate that gauge change?




From SFDK instagram



Oh dear... That looks... AMAZING!! For a "smaller" coaster it is going to provider a nice punch during that drop.

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Man, I really, really want to know how they make that track.


I'm sure RMC would be more than happy to tell you how they make their track!


If it's how I think they make their track, based on what information is currently out there, it's incredibly impressive what they are doing.

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Yesterday, 12/22, was the ideal day. It rained in the morning, but stopped before the park opened. The result: a very quiet park. I'm talking riding the front of Superman 9 times in a row without getting off. The ride ops were clearly amused, and actually helped me get the most out of my marathon. Since I was the only rider on most rides, they simply checked my restraint, then sent the train right back out. I was in the station for mere seconds before launching yet again. It was great! All day long, the only lines were for the front of any given ride. And even still, I walked right to the empty front row of Superman at various points throughout the day. I can't wait for days like this next year, when there's a kick-a$$ RMC available. Speaking of which, I may or may not have a picture or two of a very steep and curvaceous first drop. It looks cool in pictures, but it's even more dramatic in person. The curve to the right is seriously tight and sharp. I can imagine many coaster enthusiasts will prefer the back row, left side in the train once it's open, as it looks like that drop will eject you straight out of your seat before throwing you to the left.

In other construction news, the pre-lift section looks completely different than what's shown in the concept animation. Instead of series of flat turns bookended by bunny hops, it's now a series of small twisting hills, similar to Twisted Colossus. It looks very cool. There isn't any track in the parking lot at the moment. And, the ledgers for the first inversion are up. That's all this time around. Enjoy the pictures!




A rather crappy quality picture of the changing skyline. This is the only iPhone picture on the TR. I used my digital camera for all the rest.


Like I said, steep and curvaceous.



The twist to the right is seriously sharp.



I find this to be an acceptable amount of steepness.


A first inversion will go here, hopefully soon. I believe that scientists call it a Step-Up Under Flip.


Lift hill.


Workers doing something or other to said lift hill.


Itty bitty twisty hills.


I definitely prefer this to a bunch of flat turns.


From the other side. That's all for now. I'll try to get more pictures once more track goes up.

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It's really strange how the drop looks almost vertical from that angle, but it's no where near that in reality. The new prelift is definitely better than the flat turns that were there before.

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Looks fantastic! I'm enjoying the colors more than I thought I would. It's great to see another RMC that isn't red.


I agree, the colors go well with the wood color. Makes it pop more

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