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  1. Why in the world would they announce this ride ahead of their 2017 season if it's not going to be open by then? It's already well established that Cedar Point will not open a flagship ride halfway through their season. The secrecy behind the existence of this transformation is nothing but marketing. Consider from a non-enthusiast perspective, that some people might hold off on purchasing a 2017 ticket or season pass until this bad ass new ride is open. Of course the transformation is common knowledge among enthusiasts. But outside of a few local articles, the transformation does not exist in the eyes of the public. There is literally no incentive for them to announce anything, and it makes perfect sense why they are deliberately avoiding mention of the ride both officially and on their affiliate sites. Meanwhile they have been dropping hints to enthusiasts since as long as RMC conversions have been a thing. The disaster that is this thread is just proof of how effective their marketing is.
  2. Steeper lift hill could also indicate a pre-drop section like Outlaw Run, or a double-up a la NTG
  3. yea, inb4 the resident armchair engineers argue in circles about it for the next 8 weeks
  4. Finally! I get to use another awesome quote! god this thread gives me ass cancer
  5. I'm sure RMC would be more than happy to tell you how they make their track! If it's how I think they make their track, based on what information is currently out there, it's incredibly impressive what they are doing.
  6. nice shots. MF is still the most beautiful coaster ever built (if anyone wants to contest this, show me what you got)
  7. Obvious troll is obvious. Ok if that's your interpretation of whats going on here then more power to you, but honestly this looks like a boring ride.
  8. I wish Stengel was still designing rides for B&M. This ride looks floaty and lame just like everything else they've churned out over the past several years.
  9. Looks like it totally rips around the course. Whos taking bets on how long it takes for the inevitable top-of-lift slow down and trim brake galore?
  10. Woah now! Don't go too against the grain in your opinions here... you'll anger the hivemind!
  11. I don't even like airtime. It makes me feel like my body is being stretched like taffy.
  12. I'm gonna have to agree with him. Airtime aside, it only goes upside down twice. Even Skream! looks more exciting.
  13. Yea, this is officially the most pointless thread on this board.
  14. I feel like "parking lot" deserves it's own word filter at this point...guaranteed the park doesn't give two sh!ts about what the enthusiast community thinks of it's decision to put Scream in the parking lot.
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