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Europe 2016 - Robb & Elissa Traveling Around Riding Stuff

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So sad to hear, it really sounds like the best time to visit is early in the season, or at least back in 2014 Easter time queue's where 30 min maximum. Here they should have used Q-bot. Hope this goes better for you guys in the continuation of this trip.

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Even factoring differences in cultural norms, the "shaggin wagons" turned me off. I'm not wildly offended by the concept -- I did get a chuckle, but in this particular context it looks symptomatic of the park disappointingly leaning away from the integrity and well-manicured qualities that Heide always seemed to exude. Has any park ever "gone for the teens" and had it made for a better qualitative experience for anyone at all? In my experience, tight-ship operations and a family focus often encourages civility, courteousness, & great overall days at parks, while sloppy operations and a teen crowd is a surefire recipe for frustration.

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Even factoring differences in cultural norms, the "shaggin wagons" turned me off. I'm not wildly offended by the concept -- I did get a chuckle, but in this particular context it looks symptomatic of the park disappointingly leaning away from the integrity and well-manicured qualities that Heide always seemed to exude. Has any park ever "gone for the teens" and had it made for a better qualitative experience for anyone at all?

Every other family used to own one of those buses.

It's the German equivalent of an American park adding lake cabins.



Besides, what's the difference with Legoland's ?




Or Europa-Park?




I don't see the difference...





All of them are nothing more than a unique, quirky way of spending the night at the park's campsite.


You do realize Robb was joking when he said you can rent them by the hour?

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Besides, what's the difference with Legoland's ?




Or Europa-Park?




I don't see the difference...



The difference is that those other parks seem to target families for their campgrounds. Heide Park really seemed as though they were targeting young adults to come and have sex. There has always been a stigma of "getting it on in the backseat of the car" and this just seemed to embrace that. We saw several signs for advertising the VW's around the park, all of them had pictures of kids hooking up. None of them were all "bring your family to our nice campground."


Not that I have a problem with this. Hell, in my younger years I'd be happy to rent one out, too. I'm just saying it's another example how Heide Park seems to be drifting away from being a family oriented park and becoming the "Thorpe Park of Germany."

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I do agree that Heide Park is losing it's German style family Theme Park charm very quickly. Very unfortunate, because the park has the potential to be an equivalent to Europa-Park but deliberately choses not to be. Some of the coasters are great, but it's slowly becoming the only reason to go to Heide Park, unfortunately.


Thanks for the TR Robb!

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You can follow our trip LIVE on Twitter:


I admit that I am a jaded "coaster fan" and it's rare that I get excited by new rides or find something that blows me away. Kärnan at Hansa Park did just that. It's so strange and messed up that I don't even know how to describe the ride.


The park calls it a "hyper coaster" but that just makes you think of dull personality-less cookie-cutter B&M hypers but this is so much more. The ride is so screwed up and totally original! I can honestly say I've never been on anything like it before.


It's sort of a cross between a hyper coaster, Euro-Fighter, Drop Tower, with airtime and insane crazy forces all over the place that I can't even begin to describe. It *feels* more like some crazy-mental ride that RMC or Intamin would come up with while drunk and angry at someone.

Not to mention the amazing theming and the "Russian Roulette" room where you don't actually know what row you're going to be assigned to until your row lights up and the door pops open. WTF???? So weird but so much fun!


This seriously is going to be the best coaster of the trip and quite possibly the best new ride I've ridden in a long time.



Today we are at Hansa Park! Spending all day at one of our favorite German parks!




So we just rode Karnan OMG what the hell just happened??? What an AMAZING ride!!!



The airtime on Karnan is just bananas! You're out of your seat everywhere!



I am not going to give away what happens in Karnan's tower but it will really mess with your head!





The spinning swinging bell ride with fire & water is a pretty messed up ride! In a good way!






We got some delicious freshly made crepes at Hansa Park! (Although Sarah was denied the eggnog crepe!) lol




We took some... Umm... Very "interesting" onride photos today! lol

(We also rode with a TPR fan that spotted us at Novrogod!)






Our BBQ lunch was seriously one of the most fun meals we've ever had at a park!



Have I mentioned just how nuts Karnan is? Incredible!






Just had some ERT on Karnan! What a completely mental ride! Quite possibly the best coaster of the trip!






Dear Efteling fanboys - This is how you do awesome theming AND a kick-ass ride!






Just a few shots of Hansa Park from the observation tower.





Nessie is a "SuperRollerCoaster" where you get eaten by an animal!






I love Hansa Park's old west town! "Scrape shit from boots!" LOL! Noted



Kinda bummed the old "Double Bayern Curve" is gone but rides don't last forever!



Just so we can remember when we visited Hansa Park.






Sarah totally controlled the frogs!






If there is one consistent theme to all these European parks, it's the amazing landscaping!




While the group had ERT on Karnan, Kristen opted for ERT on the "bouncy cushion!" lol



Let's not forget they also had some amazing "slides of death" here too!




Spinning raft ride... Didn't get very wet but at least it spun a lot!






The ropes course is totally serious and insanely hard! We love it!






These amazing German pretzels at the front of the park make for a great snack before heading home.




Had a really nice visit to Hansa Park! This remains one of our favorite parks in Europe!


You can follow our trip LIVE on Twitter:

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Same here, it definitely is the most intense ride I've ever ridden! I love love love that first drop, it just feels like it lasts forever! Seems like you guys had a nice day in Hansa-Park! Nice TR's once again! Can't wait to see Kärnan when all of the theming is totally complete.. This is just such a kickass ride, in a kickass park! And it just keeps getting better and better!

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Ok, you know the Golden Tickets are a joke when most of these parks have not been nominated or won 'Best Landscaping' or 'Most Beautiful'.


Not that Busch Gardens Williamsburg doesn't do a great job...

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I miss so much Hansa Park. I would like to go back one day.

The thing I liked the most about this park is that their rides are not just coaster, but they want to give you kind a sort of "experience", starting from the queue line to the exit (for example the exit of Fluch Von Novgorod was such a pleasant surprise!).

This park has two kick ass roller coasters, and beautiful landscapes. Too bad that is so underrated here in Europe, they really have clever ideas for their rides. Karnan is just pure love <3

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Omg! I had such a good time at that park! The new coaster looks amazing!


Also the ropes course is insanely hard but it felt good when you finished it. Those bike pedals at the end were so hard but I made it across!

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Robb, do you remember what the waiting times were for Karnan throughout the day?

Last time I was there waits were above 1 hour all day, I'm sort of interested how it is nowadays.

Longest line I saw posted was 35 minutes. But remember, we are also not visiting during a busy season as the European schools are not our for summer break yet.

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I'm greatly enjoying your European Trip Report so far! I look forward to seeing more of your photos! I hope to visit Europe and explore the amusement parks there one day! Thanks for sharing these great photos and videos, Robb!

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You can follow our trip LIVE on Twitter:



Today we are hanging out at Movie Park Germany! I just want to say something real quick about this park - I know it gets a lot of crap from the European coaster and theme park groups, but I have to say this - Yes, they don't have the best collection of roller coasters, but IMO Van Helsing was a GREAT start to turning this park around, I'm hoping the next coaster coming in 2017 will continue that trend, and realistically, if this park gets 1 or 2 more GOOD rides over the next few years, I personally think it's better than a lot of the parks in the USA that are similar in style.




I'm pretty sure @Movie_Park Germany's stand-up drop tower is in the top ten world's most terrifying rides!






Van Helsing really is a great ride! Super fun and well themed! If this ride was at either of the Universal parks in the US, it would be a stand-out ride at both parks. It's certainly better than most of the "Here, put on some 3-D glasses and let's shake you around a bit" rides. I'd love to see this exact ride comes to the States!






Hanging out in the kids area! (And not being creepy, we actually have kids!)




Of course we may or may not have had some adults playing around in the kiddie area!






Hey! Look what we found here @Movie_Park Germany!






Yes, we rode! Yes the girls survived!



Kristen was able to ride all the coasters @Movie_Park but Van Helsing was by far her favorite! 10+ times!




The Speedy Pass worked GREAT @Movie_Park! I love that it's good on so many different rides!






While different than other European parks, @Movie_Park still looks nicer than a lot of similar style US parks.





Those of you who remember the Son of Beast trains may recognize the trains on Bandit!



Check out the first drop on Bandit!



Mystery River is actually a pretty cool themed Rapids ride! And you don't get that wet!






We had lights on/lights off ERT on Van Helsing @Movie_Park Germany! Was a huge hit with the group! Great ride!






Some of the themed elements in @Movie_Park Germany's Van Helsing coaster.



Next year, the entrance of @Movie_Park Germany will look very different with a new coaster behind it!


Seriously, though, let's just break this park down a bit. On the plus side they have:


- A couple of good dark rides (Mystery River, Ice Age, Alien Encounter)

- A good kids area (really, all three of the coasters and the log flume in this area are decent!)

- A really REALLY good drop tower!

- A decent "family" area that has the Disk-O Coaster and a few other flats.

- A good themed coaster (Van Helsing)


What they are missing is one or two more "signature" coasters/attractions. I'm not gonna lie, Bandit is one of the worst woodies I've been on and the SLC is just...well, "not good." But that doesn't mean this park doesn't have a TON of potential, and I really think it does and I look forward to seeing them grow over the years.


You can follow our trip LIVE on Twitter:

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Very nice TR on Movie Park. I've visited the park at least once a year since it's opening in '96 and while it has never been a GREAT park, it really seems like they're finally heading into the right direction with the addition of rides like Van Helsing and Lost Temple (+ the new coaster next year).

Have fun at Phantasialand tomorrow!

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