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Europe 2016 - Robb & Elissa Traveling Around Riding Stuff

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Robb, I love your log flume song SO MUCH that now I can't get it out of my head! My otologist has diagnosed it as EARWORM and there is no cure. If I send you the bill for the doctor visit, can I be compensated? (I take credit cards.) LOLOLOL!!!

Sick humor aside, that is one AWESOME log flume ride, and your song brings that 'special something' a cool camaraderie, to the video experience! "SKLOOSH" and thanks!




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Huh. I just tried to watch it again, and same thing happened, as these guys said.


EDIT: And I just clicked to the YouTube, and I got the little red sad 'thing', with Video Not Available.


EDIT2: I also checked several of the other TPR videos at YouTube, and they uploaded and played just fine.

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I like Verbolten, but Darkmare looks like a step up--much better pacing.

Pacing for sure is better. My biggest issue with Verbolten is that I feel like it spends most of its time meandering around getting to the next cool part of the ride. Thirteen sort of does the same thing. I'd say Darkmare was the first coaster with the drop-track section that *really* impressed me!

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