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Coasters at Sunset

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Thank you guys and gals for posting coasters at sunset. It's that magical time when the coasters start getting more intense and beautiful to look at, but the sad part is you know the day at the park is coming to the end. But ! It is also the most exciting time because you know the night rides are about to begin ! Again, thanks for the glorious sunset shots. Keep 'em coming.

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Here's my contribution - Please note, most of these shots were taken at a time when I use to overfilter my photos


Demon at SFGAm, Summer 2015. While I'm not the biggest Demon fan, I simply cannot deny how photogenic it is


Nothing better than an old school B&M at sunset


Not a coaster, but the boat game at SFGAm. Can't remember if it's the Yankee Harbor or Hometown Square one, but who cares


Again not a coaster, but here's Yankee Clipper and Logger's Run at SFGAm. I somewhat wish I didn't blur out the bottom half of the photo, but oh well


Once again, not a coaster, but here is King Chaos at sunset


Demon, Raging Bull, and the now defunct Orbit at Six Flags Great America, 2015


Superman: Ultimate Flight


Six Flags advertising enjoys the evening skies, too


These ones are non-overfiltered



Whizzer looks good during anytime of the day






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Here's some of my favorites that I've shot. All are decently recent


Does it count if there's a coaster to the left of this photo? (Santa Monica pier)


Looks good any time of day if you ask me


This will look very different next season (regardless of when it opens)


A little past sunset, but a little before darkness


Okay... no excuse for this one other than it's my favorite sunset picture I've taken. And it's out my bedroom window go figure.

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^ Looks great! By the way, where are you taking this shot from? Just curious, thanks.


I wasn't with him so I could be wrong but sure looks like he's waiting for the last row.

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