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Coasters at Sunset

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This was back in 2010 I believe, first time at Thorpe. I believe it was later in the day and cloudy as well, just thought I'd share this.




That sunset is so damn majestic that the sheer beauty of it brought a single tear to me eye.



Sunshine so bright I can't even see it.

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^Thats been my background before. The problem I have is finding a picture with high enough resolution for a 17" screen. Right now I have a picture of Millennium Force from the train tracks at Cedar Point in the snow. It's pretty nice.


Unrelated but I'm having the same issue of this picture of Bayside Sky Ride.



There's got to be a larger version of this.

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I realized I don't shoot very many sunset photos as I thought I did. Might because Kentucky Kingdom doesn't stay open as late as some other parks. Nevertheless, I think I have some to share as well.


Off season, around the time the park was still shuddered




Twisted Twins from a distance.


Coasterstock 2015!

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