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  1. When I see/hear people saying that MF is rough, I’m always perplexed. The only conclusion I can come to is that they are referring to vibration as “roughness”. Sometimes I think just because they hear the vibration, they psychologically impose a “roughness” onto the ride that simply doesn’t exist. At most, MF can be said to have a rattle. Jackhammering? Not even close. I rode all trains in August last year and would never dream to call any of the rides rough.
  2. Earlier this month, I bought 2 of those really cheap Groupon tickets. The friend who I was going to go with can't go anymore so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I might make a trip out there next week by myself if anyone wants to meet up.
  3. Here's some of my favorites that I've shot. All are decently recent Does it count if there's a coaster to the left of this photo? (Santa Monica pier) Looks good any time of day if you ask me This will look very different next season (regardless of when it opens) A little past sunset, but a little before darkness Okay... no excuse for this one other than it's my favorite sunset picture I've taken. And it's out my bedroom window go figure.
  4. Does anybody know when the local schools are back in session? I was thinking about planning a trip the weekend of August 26th and wanted to get some input on the expected crowd levels. But if kids were back in school at that time, I was also contemplating if it would be better to attend during the last few weekdays of August. Thoughts please?
  5. Just a quick question, that I think I know the answer to, but does anyone know how busy the park would be if I visited on Saturday March 19th? I'm making a short trip to LA and wanted to know if I would be able to ride the major attractions in one day without a flash pass or would it not be worth it to even try?
  6. Hey! I actually just got hired for my first season at CP and I will be coming from out of state too. I might not be able to help you out as much as some other members here, but this is what I can tell you - for the interview, it's a pretty straight forward process. First is the phone interview that lasts about 10 minutes. They'll ask very simple things like, why do you want to work at CP? If that goes well, they'll schedule you for a Skype interview. That interview usually runs 30-45 min and some of the questions might be: What is an achievement you're most proud of? Tell me about a time where you've dealt with an unruly person in school or at a previous job and how did you handle the situation? Has there ever been a policy that you've been asked to follow that you didn't agree with? Are you willing to comply with CP's appearance guidelines? Will you be willing to submit to random drug testing and a background check? And depending on if you're interviewing for the rides department, they'll ask ride related questions- Do you have any problems with spinning motions, are you afraid of heights, would you be more comfortable with adult rides or kid rides, etc. Depending on your answers, they usually offer you a position at the end of the interview. At that point they'll discuss where you'll be placed and what steps are next. It's all very easy and straight forward like I said before. After all of that, I would encourage you to join a Cedar Point Employees group on Facebook where you'll be able to ask questions and interact with other new and returning employees before your processing date. There you'll be able to make new friends before you even start working and might be able to find somebody who you'd want to room with. Good luck with the interview!
  7. The Incredible Hulk - I remember being very surprised by the launch. It packed quite a punch for only being 40 mph.
  8. Thanks everyone, I'm feeling the love Maverick has been my top coaster since 2008 so when I saw that I was assigned to it, I may or may not have squealed with joy. I'm super excited for this summer and can't wait to meet other TPR members who work at CP!
  9. Guess who just got hired onto the 2016 Maverick crew??? Spoiler alert - it's me
  10. 1. Maverick 2. Millennium Force (at night is euphoric and in a category of its own) 3. Top Thrill Dragster 4. Magnum (idk what it is, but I've never felt the pain on this ride that everyone talks about) 5. Wicked Twister 6. Gemini 7. Blue Streak (this ride literally makes me laugh out loud, it's just so fun to me) I'm a sucker for a good gut-punching drop, so I'm hoping that Valvravn will be in my top 5
  11. That actually sounds awesome to me! I don't know if I missed the point, but I'm guessing you mean it's stupid because it doesn't exist? It should exist! A launched Giga coaster does sound interesting! I think the reason why the kids were accused of saying stupid things is because they had this idea while at Silver Dollar City and not at Worlds of Fun. So, they may have been confused as to which park they were at or they actually meant a launched giga coaster should open at Worlds of Fun. Or maybe they thought Powder Keg was a launched giga, and said Worlds of Fun should get one too.
  12. yes where can i view them daily?? I feel like people have answered this a few times, but the most reliable place to follow the daily construction process is right here --> http://pixelcaster.com/live/cedarpoint/index.html The specific layout picture updates just simply aren't happening daily, if at all.
  13. While I am NOT a fan of the overpriced nature of some of these fast pass systems, I would have to say that I hate long lines even more. Granted, I tend to try and use all the enthusiast gimmicks to my advantage by- using a mindful ride order strategy and picking days to attend that are usually less busy (small chances of rain in the forecast is also a huge crowd deterrent). Sometimes though, it gets exhausting and your trip can turn into a big rat race. That's where fast lane is a blessing. You can enjoy the day of riding at your leisure and not have to stress over everything else. With all that said. I refuse to wait in long lines. Plain and simple, nothing over 45 min. Just not going to happen. If I show up to a park and the place is packed, I happily dish out the extra cash and move on with my day. The choice is simple really, either wait in line, or pay to not wait in line. Less waiting = more riding
  14. I'm probably looking at it wrong, but it might be the foundation for the new marina entrance building? Not that it really matters though, seeing how it's literally just a hole in the ground. Idk, maybe I'm hard to impress.
  15. Again, what is with these kinds of posts?!?!? We had over 24,000 views on the Smiler accident page and then about 500 posts after it. Where are you getting your data?!?!? Not from TPR because it's not correct. And on another note - even if your data was right... WHO CARES?!?! Is it a contest on how much we talk about one tragedy versus the other??? I knew I should have put the disclaimer -- *This is not a serious statement but a parody based on a quote from the Joker's character in The Dark Knight.
  16. That's actually a really unfair comment. The park actually hasn't hyped it up much at all other than putting a countdown clock up and sending out invites. Everyone ELSE has been pouring on the hype. I honestly can't believe someone would say that, but I guess we've seen quite a few amazing examples of stupidity lately. i was talking about the coaster wall but since you are the "big and bad" robb alvey i guess i have to obey you Okay, let's get a grip on the situation. A "coaster wall" is literally the least hype-worthy thing Cedar Point could have done to promote this new attraction. On top of that stupidity, name bashing only shows more immaturity. There is nothing wrong with not caring anymore about the announcement of a new attraction, but I'm willing to bet the real hype only came from your own participation in the rumors, speculation, and recent leaks -- NOT because of Cedar Point. If Alton Towers has a safety malfunction that injures a train full of riders, nobody on this board panics, but when a single idiot essentially kills himself at Cedar Point, everybody loses their minds!
  17. Maverick is pretty darn perfect to me! I have to admit there are very few coasters that excite me regardless of how many times I ride it, and Maverick delivers time after time! The most "perfect" experience I've had on a coaster was my first night ride on Millennium Force. There's just something about cresting the first airtime hill on a warm summer night and soaring above the neon lights of the surround attractions.
  18. Great pictures! Taking a look at them makes me miss The Point seeing how it's been about a year since my last visit! I also used one of your pictures for my avatar, I hope you don't mind. I gave you credit in my signature. Anyway, I'd love to see more of your pictures! Do you have an online portfolio of any kind?
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