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  1. After reading this article from Coaster-Nation, I'm pretty convinced a new launched Intamin water coaster is going to be built in the old Pilgrim's Plunge spot. Take all of this with a grain of salt, but the article includes an image of "leaked plans" and claims there have been some Intamin shipments to the area recently. I took the image of "leaked plans" and placed it over a satellite image of the old Pilgrim's Plunge area, and it absolutely fits. Down to the old station, splashdown area...the paths and other rides in the park even match up (Notice the Kima Bay area, and Thunderbird element). It does make sense... Holiday World could have gotten a good deal on this ride for the issues they had with Pilgrim's Plunge. "Hold On," "it will be a blast," "be the fastest to know", could all tie in to a worlds-fastest-launched-water-coaster. Also, as someone mentioned earlier, the socks could be a hint that you could ride it from the dry side as well. I placed the "leaked plans" from the Coaster-Nation article over a satellite image of the park.
  2. Oh man. Zoombabwe does not get enough love. A few years back some friends and I rode and had one of the most insane waterslide rides ever. We were going so fast, hitting insane banks on every turn, and everyone kept falling into the middle of the raft. It was intense and awesome. We ran back up to do it again and the attendant told us our group was over the weight limit and we'd have to split up. Apparently the first attendant missed it, but man it made for a wild ride. Safety first, of course. Sorry, Paula.
  3. Did you place an information kiosk close by so guests can buy priority passes?
  4. I love that the reference audio was recorded at Holiday World. Seems like a perfect fit for the tone of the game. Since they are a British developer, I'm interested to know how they ended up at HW over somewhere like Alton Towers.
  5. Grabbed this one at Magic Mountain a few weeks ago.
  6. Let's keep in mind that Bluegrass Boardwalk was an initiative sought out when Dan Koch was in charge. I think it's become clear that he had a different vision for their company than the rest of the Koch family. I'm a lot more comfortable with the park in the hands of Will's kids. Thunderbird (or some version of it) had been in the works for years, even before Six Flags abandoned KK. Something like that isn't a project you can throw together in one year. Do we need to trash one park to enjoy the other? Why can't both parks be good?
  7. If you can only do one make it Holiday World. You can't miss the chance to get three world class wooden coasters under your belt. KK is fine. Storm Chaser and Lightning Run are great rides, but they don't hold a candle to overall experience at HW. Also, The Voyage dude.
  8. Keep in mind that the coaster editor people have been using was far from finished and only enabled with a cheat code. The upcoming alpha build next week will include a more full-featured editor. I think it'll be safer to judge after people have had some time with it. That being said, I think I've managed to create some realistic rides with the current editor. I'll attach some pictures. It's a little finicky, but after you play with it enough you can start to create some really good stuff. Managed to create a somewhat realistic B&M Giga. B&M Floorless. Took some liberties with this one. Tried to do a hyper-lite kind of thing.
  9. I was so close to pulling the trigger on a 980, but I knew these were on the horizon. I'm so glad I waited. Those things look insane.
  10. Legend is testing! Looks like they're still aiming for the Saturday opening, however they have a few tunnels to finish. Legend Testing on Facebook
  11. I can't speak for the other trains, but I did see one walk of shame while I was waiting for Storm Chaser. I'd have to get a few more rides on SC to really compare. I feel like LRs airtime is more "HOLY S***" than SCs. SC felt more graceful to me, where LR is all about those quick transitions. I was also on the "slow" purple train, so I'm anxious to get back and ride again once it's really broken in. They're both great rides. Happy to have two great new airtime machines at a park that was SBNO three years ago.
  12. It was pretty empty. Waited about 30-40 for Storm Chaser since it had just opened back up after the storms, and they were only running one train. Other than that, almost everything seemed to be less than a 10 minute wait.
  13. Popped into the park today between storms, appropriately, to check out Storm Chaser! What a great ride. It was my first RMC, so my expectations were high. That barrel roll drop is so bizarre, but awesome! Relentless airtime, laterals... loved it. I also didn't find the ending out of place, as some have mentioned. I agree that it looked odd in the POV, but the on-ride experience didn't seem out of place. Just an overall fun, intense ride! In other news: Seems that Thunder Run is due for some track work again. There were quite a few headache inducing ker-chunks in there today. I'm a huge wooden coaster fan, so I expect and enjoy the roughness, but this seemed excessive. Hopefully there's some more work in the near future as this can be a really fun ride. Whee!
  14. You mean bolt 2,654? Have you seen the threads on that thing? I was underwhelmed by its representation in that original animation, but now I'm impressed! Seriously, though, I can't wait to ride this thing. It'll be my first RMC.
  15. Disappointing, but maybe it's true that they decided the ride will have lost too much speed by that point. I wouldn't want them to build an element if they didn't think it would deliver. the new element is very impressive I will say. Yeah, I drove by on the way to work yesterday and I was surprised with how cool it looked. Pictures don't really do justice to how tight and banked that thing is.
  16. Because anything having to do with RCT and mobile devices means awsomeness. 10/10 -IGN. His mobile port of Transport Tycoon was very faithful to the original. He's working with the same team there, so I see no reason to be down on it. Should be great!
  17. Wow! This game just gets more and more impressive. Where I feel like the RCTW team is constantly having to temper expectations, this thing is blowing mine away every time I see more. Can't wait!
  18. Got this shot today on my way home from work. Figured the Storm Chaser could use some rain.
  19. Getting closer. INTerested? I'm calling it now. They're getting an Intamin Mega-Lite.
  20. There's already a lot of tunnels on this ride, but you can never have too many tunnels. Just trying to figure out a good place for it. Best place I could see would be enclosing the spiral drop back by Zinga. It would look cool and picking up speed in a tunnel is always fun.
  21. I think I'd pretty much be satisfied if the ride ended right after that drop. Holy hell that's pretty.
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