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What Social Media do you use the most?

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1.Facebook - I check this the most and like and comment on posts. I occasionally post, usually when I'm traveling or doing something fun.


2.Instagram - I check this the second most and post lots of pictures of my travels, food and drinks I'm consuming, and when I'm doing fun things.


3.Yelp - Not for coasters or theme parks, but I check in to restaurants a lot and look up reviews for restaurants mostly. I haven't written much reviews yet.


4.You Tube - I look up videos occasionally of coasters/rides and music videos. I'll like and occasionally comment on videos. I rarely post videos.


I don't use Twitter, Snap Chat, or Reddit (or MySpace anymore) but I am considering trying out Snap Chat and/or Twitter.

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1. Facebook. I rarely post or share things, but I scroll through my newsfeed several times per day.

2. Instagram. I follow a lot of companies and organizations. I occasionally will share posts with friends by commenting @username.

3. Snapchat - I check snapchat stories obsessively. If you tweeted/posted on facebook your "snapcode" (taking a pic of it on snapchat allows you to add the user) you would definitely gain a lot of snapchat followers.

4. Youtube. I usually only use it for music but scroll through my subscriptions and watch them when I have time.


I don't use twitter or google+.

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1. Twitter is my number one because I go on it the most and frequently comment, like, and retweet things.

2. Instagram is my number two most used where I will like things a lot and occasionally comment.

3. Snapchat is my number three just because I use it a lot and look at people's stories.

4. Facebook would have to be my fourth because I occasionally come on here to check on things.

5. Youtube would be next because I usually only go on here when I'm bored.

6. Everything else is after that, not as used.

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1) YouTube - I watch a lot of YouTube videos and listen to a lot of music now that I have YouTube Red.

2) Snapchat - It's a teenage tradition around our school to post your entire life on your story.

3) Instagram - Typically, I would use Instagram more than SnapChat, but I've just been using SnapChat more often now.

4) FaceBook - I love to watch those hilarious FaceBook videos that my friends share. And for those of my long lost friends, I use FaceBook message to get back in contact with them from time to time.

5) Twitter - Seriously, the only reason I have a twitter is to follow my home park's twitter and the general manager.

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I stick you Facebook when it comes to TPR and sometimes I use Twitter, mainly when there are live updates. YouTube when linked or on a lazy afternoon some browsing there.


The others I don't use.


I really feel positive when the numbers are being shared about the reach: it is good to see it is getting bigger and bigger. Really encouraging to share etc. when seeing so many others do.

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I post content on my blogs about my hobbies - that includes trip reports on my amusement park trips. That includes photos and thoughts, and I'm a pretty logical person when writing so there's a lot of "logistical" details included in my commentary.


What apps/sites do I use and how do I use them?

1) I use an RSS reader (Feedly) to follow a variety of blogs and a handful of tumblr feeds. I use the app on my iPhone throughout the day and I'll follow up in the evening after work on my laptop.

2) YouTube - I never post videos, but I have a few daily searches to look for new videos, and I'll just click around on related videos from time to time. I've sent a few messages and I might have left one or two comments ever.

3) Facebook - I usually read and "like" posts that interest me. I rarely share things (website links, memes, photos) with others, unless I feel it's truly important for the "greater good". I post photos and details about more-interesting events in my life. I comment when I find the inspiration. I save a lot of links to read later, too.

4) I have Line for messaging. And I use it for that. I don't use any really public "social" features. Likewise, I use Skype for contacting far-off family.

5) I have a Twitter account that I basically never read and never post to. I'd be tempted if there was something seriously beneficial to using it, but I haven't reached that point yet.


It's probably more old-school than most people use, but I've always had a collection of daily bookmarks that I open up in the evening to cover some of my non-RSSable things like message boards, YouTube, and websites.


For the most part, I'm a lurker. I do like commenting and responding when I see fit, especially when it comes to the personal blogs and such. But "that's awesome!" just feels so ... standard. It's the text version of a "like" button (I do like "like" buttons, though). I like sharing my opinion.

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1) Facebook - Usually on every day but don't browse through EVERYTHING that pops up on my Home Page. Like and share most TPR stuff because my extended family likes me sharing nerdy stuff that's happening in the Amusement Park industry.


2) Twitter - Don't go on very often and I haven't tweeted in about 3 months. I usually re-tweet something from TPR if I see there's free hooch involved!


3) YouTube - Only go on when I see new TPR videos on the Forum. I like to view them on YouTube on my account and then I can like them and comment if I feel the video is comment worthy.


Don't really use anything else as life is rather chaotic and I hardly have "me" time for social media.


Jimmy "I feel like I'm still living in an AOL dial-up age" Bo

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Pariscope and Snapchat would likely be perfect platforms for you guys to use when you're out at parks. I'm sure a lot of people would tune in.


The key to social media is putting out good content consistently. You guys have done a great job curating your Youtube pages, I'm sure you can achieve the same success elsewhere.

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1) Facebook--I go on very often and browse, share, like, post, etc. It's where I see the most TPR content besides this site!

2) Snapchat--It makes me happy when TPR pops up on the stories feed, I'd like to see more!

3) Twitter and Youtube tied--I usually don't go on unless I have something specific I want to post or see. On Twitter I sometimes retweet TPR stuff but I really don't have that many followers that care


That's about it, I'm pretty selective on apps I use.

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1) Twitter and YouTube are tied at the top for me on posting and looking at others people's content. I almost never miss a TPR video on YouTube.

2) I use Tumblr to post some pretty photos now and then, but I can't take it seriously as a social media platform.

3) There's still a lot about Instagram I'm not particularly fond of, but it's slowly growing on me. I use it now and then.

4) I'd use Facebook more often, but I've had some folks I know (not close family members) ruin the experience for me. I'd pop-on now and then to scroll through, take care of pages I run, message some people, or keep up with events, but that's about it.

5) Snapchat is still fairly new to me, so I barely use it. I have the most boring snaps out of all of my friends, so that might say something about me.

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