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  1. really nice pictures! i have bin to the park to is a wonderfull park and taron is amazing.
  2. i love the rope corse we need more of that kind of attractions
  3. for me is it the Robin Hood in walibi holland one time i have been on it but its so painful i cant enjoy the ride. so i skip it every time
  4. The Social media I use the most 1e YouTube 2e Instragram 3e twitter 4e facebook 5e snapchat i'm active every day on YT, Twitter and Instagram trips where u use a lot of twitter i like the most
  5. phoxyboy

    TPR club

    hi i have a question about the tpr club because i live in holland and i dont know if its relevent to buy and i want to ask if thats true. big greetings mathijs van dongen PhoxyboyHolland
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