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  1. Facebook...actively post and participate, share G+-post videos occasionally Reddit-post and comment Youtube...watch and share videos
  2. The Wolf-Mumford & Sons Spots of Time- Warren Haynes If I Needed Someone- Dawes I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts-X Illegal Smile-John Prine
  3. What's been pissing me off lately: 1. People who leave their dogs outside in the heat all day, especially the big ones that start barking the minute they pull out of the driveway and don't stop until 5 minutes before someone comes home. That security dog can't be much cheaper to feed and clean up after than a friggin alarm system! 2. The same people who go off on a day or weekend trip and leave their dog outside all night, where he howls at the moon, the jets flying over, other dogs, loud cars, and anything that moves in the 3 block area surrounding the house. 3. Oversensitive asshats, combined with 4. the nanny state.
  4. Has anyone heard anymore about the Cyclone Racer being rebuilt? With the increasing popularity of coasters, the proximity to the Aquarium of the Pacific, and it's past history, restoring a coaster to this area seems to be a no-brainer, especially when there's already a fake coaster on one of the artificial oil islands offshore, but the last article I can find is from 16 months ago, with the guy who runs the website above looking for investors...
  5. According to the latest statement from JMA Developments, they will continue to operate and improve the park...they seem to think building a stadium that will share the parking lot for approximately 14 days a year isn't going to be an impediment, and word is they also want to acquire the vacant lots around both facilities for expansion. As for the naysayers, perhaps a theme park can survive-if it's locally owned and operated, and not ignored by owners from a long distance away.
  6. The artist's name is Julian Beever...he's a world-reknowned perspective artist, working primarily in chalk on sidewalks...
  7. Can you hear the soundtrack from "Jaws" playing? The Sharkies have really heated up in the last 25 games!
  8. I was a dj for several years, and also ran a bar that hosted musical groups, so i have a lot of music, although not as much as I once had-I've got about 1600 files on the mp3 player, but I want quite a few that I haven't been able to find (yet). Here's my current top ten- 1. Baby Blue-Badfinger 2. Gun Sale At The Church-The Beat Farmers 3. When Mt Time Comes-Dawes 4. Howlin' For You-The Black Keys 5. Prince of the Deep Water-The Blessing 6. Fearless-Pink Floyd 7. Desperadoes Under The Eaves-Warren Zevon 8. Sweetheart Like You-Bob Dylan 9. Expresso Love-Dire Straits 10. Master of Disaster-John Hiatt
  9. ^I don't know if it's just the Johnnie Rockets in the Sacramento area or what, but their food doesn't agree with my digestive tract... My favorite fast-food list: 1. Jack In The Box-I'm like the guy in the van trying to order 99 tacos at 4am...although with me it's usually a couple of breakfast Jacks, a 3 piece order of egg rolls, and the wedge fries drowned in cheese and bacon. 2. Carl's Jr.-The Big Breakfast Burger or the Western Bacon Combo-although I wish they'd stop trying to "improve" the fries. 3. Taco Bell-even if the beef is 63% fillers. It's cheap and filling. But they only serve Pepsi soda products (unless there's Dr. Pepper). 4. Denny's-Whoever came up with the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a genius! Three mozzarella sticks wrapped in more cheese then grilled! 5. McDonald's-With one exception, you know what you're gonna get-bland, quickly made food that''s easy to eat. The one exception-NEVER eat at any McDonalds franchise in Reno, Nevada...the people who would normally be cooks at McDonalds can get better jobs in Reno, so the people there that will actually work for the Clown are scary-I don't want my burgers cooked by a crank freak on a 3 day bender. 6. Panda Express-although their menu choices as they apply to me are pretty limited (I'm highly allergic to chicken-a few bites causes me to hurl for about three days) and there aren't any near where I live. 7. Del Taco-The 3rd Del Taco ever built was in Lancaster where I grew up, and it was THE place to hang out on weekend nights...so I still have affection for the brand, as long as I don't have to smell fish tacos. 8. Sonic-If only for the Tater tots and mixing all the different drink combos. You'd pretty much have to buy the food and pay me to eat at Burger King, Wendy's, In & Out, or Der Weinerschnitzel...those places don't do it for me. And I miss Bob's Big Boy (none in Northern Cal) and Foster's Freeze.
  10. Too many teenagers dropping handfuls of pennies "into the koi pond". From that height even a penny can do some damage if it hits someone.
  11. So I'm guessing you were spotting for fires caused by the fireworks, right? Just out of curiosity, were there any fires within the park that resulted from the fireworks? Seriously - sounds like an awesome job! I wonder if it's the same today. Every two or three weeks, a chunk of burning firework would fall far enough to hit, but the ground was either well watered (the Japanese Tea Gardens) or kept pretty clear. I remember that one spring, to clear all the weeds, MM took the hillside past the Revolution and buried (according to them) 50 gold nuggets and a diamond about 6 to 8 inches deep in little plastic tubes, then "encouraged" guests to roam the hillside trying to find them...got rid of about 90 % of the weeds in the process I'd say that most of us that did the spotting were already off the clock for the day-we did it for the thrill more than anything-and most of us were young-the older security guys and supervisors tended to get a little nervous that close to explosions-a good percentage of them had been to Vietnam.
  12. Funny thing was, they took the Chevron Grand Prix out long before gas prices went very high...more to do with losing corporate backing from Chevron, I think...and I seem to remember that some little kid got hurt when the little car her daddy was driving her in (slowly) got rear-ended by the car behind it. Hard to fathom, since those things only went 12 mph on the track. They were capable of a lot more, though. One spring day when the park was closed to guests, and pretty much all the high ranking management was in downtown LA being told the park was being bought by Six Flags, a buddy who was a mechanic on CGP filled the gas tanks on a couple of cars, fired them up, disconnected the governor on the engine, and let us race them a couple of laps around the park...they could barely get up the back hill by Gold Rush, and since the park was closed, the gates on the front side were open, so we were doing probably 50 or 60 at the bottom of the hill...it was pretty fun. And the Tumble Drum...wasn't that the little kiddie ride that was just a rotating tube? We used to walk in there and brace ourselves and do a couple of 360 degree spins-it would really freak out the rookie ride ops (that was one of the first rides all ride ops trained on, along with the bounce house and those other little things that were back there by the Enterprise spin 'n' Puke.
  13. TANK TOPS!!?!! During the few days I worked as a ride op on Colossus, we used to watch for cute girls wearing them...this was pre-rebuild, and as many times as we could get away with it, we'd be gathering around the monitor station as those lovely ladies went over the negative g hilltops, which had pretty good cameras for the time! One of the perks of working Colossus, along with doing the nightly track walk under the tracks after it had closed-at least a dozen bic lighters, $10 to $15 each in change, and sometimes even better stuff...but anything that was valued at more than $5 you had to report and MM held it for 30 days...still got a couple of nice necklaces to give to girlfriends from that...
  14. Not sure on the maker, but the Galaxy was perhaps the worst ride ever put into MM...it was so large that it would snap off gears on a regular basis, and it would sometimes take upwards of 2 hours to get people off of it...and it was broken more often than it ran over the three years I worked there...
  15. When I worked at MM, we often used the transportation rides to get around the park once it was open...we weren't allowed to operate any motorized vehicles in customer areas once customers had come in the front gate; for myself(when I was in the entertainment division), my first two jobs after the park opened were setting up the Dixieland band near the front gate, then once I made sure all their sound equipment was working, going over the hill to Old Time Country stage (just past the Jet Stream) and checking with the three sites (wine tasting, pottery, and bandstand) that used our equipment...and since I couldn't use the shop truck, it was faster to take the Funicular up the hill, then the Banzai Buckets down the short side to El Dorado station...around the bumper boats and I was there...otherwise, in those days I would have had to walk all the way around the park...I can remember when the plan was for the Sky Tower was supposed to be the center of the park, but in those days, Hurricane Harbor didn't exist, even in planning form...there were 5 or 6 of us who used to get to stay in the tower during the nightly fireworks show so we could spot for fires with binoculars...that was pretty trippy, especially if you'd "partaken" earlier...which was another good use for the longer branch of Eagle's Flight...you could pretty much inhale an entire joint while in mid-air. (And no, I never partook when I was responsible for customers safety-but after work-whew!-it was the 70's in SoCal!). Also, there was still a sky ride at Santa Cruz Boardwalk the last time I was there (about 3 1/2 years ago)...it may be gone now though...used to love the Fred Flinstone dummies they'd circulate for balancing purposes.
  16. Eric grabs the brass ring on the first try...I was working a backstage entrance to the Ampetheater when someone took offense to my not letting them in and stomped on my toes...my partner at the gate settled the argument by administering a metal megaphone upside the jerk's head. It was a scary night...we estimated over 7000 people packed into the theater for a third show, which the band agreed to rather than setting off a riot. That's 7000 in a theater that seats at most 3300...the next day, we found that all of the awnings that blocked sunlight from coming in the back of the theater were gone-not just shredded but completely gone, and over half of the pointed iron spikes on the entrance fences were broken off (over 100 in total). At one point in the last show, guys started jumping on the cables that held up the entire structure-while we were pretty much in self-protection mode by that point, my boss sent three of us to stop them, as having the entire stage collapse on the band would definitely bring bad PR...when I got there and told them to get down, they decided they would, if only to beat the crap out of me, a singular white boat in a large sea of darker faces...when suddenly a large black arm came over each of their shoulders and yanked both of them straight back. All three of us looked up into the eyes of a really big man who at the time was the starting tailback at USC. "You f*ck with him, you f*ck with me" he said, and they chilled out immediately. I personally thanked him and the good lord both that I'd been his math tutor in high school, and had helped him get good enough grades to get into USC. I went back in the pit between stage and crowd, and my boss said "I thought you were gonna get killed." All i could say was "Me too!!"
  17. Yep. Sorry, wrote that post not long after waking up, and it's been a long time since I've been to the park. As to the number of reported "events" or injuries in the park, keep in mind that the same thing that allows Disney to build so quickly in Orange County affects SFMM in this area, too...LA County requires strict reporting of all injuries, while Disney for some time did not have to report anything that was handled "in park".
  18. Ok, since you guys started it...when I worked for MM, they were required by either law or their own insurance company to keep all physical evidence of deaths which occurred in the park...these pieces of evidence were kept in a locked cage within the tool crib, along with other departments stuff...the cage for the Entertainment Dept., which I worked for at the time, was right next to the "death cage" as they called it. I also had a friend who worked in the tool crib who once gave me a 5am guided tour, so here's what I saw: The shattered remains of the Kamikaze Kup that fell from Eagle's Nest. What most stories at the time didn't reveal is that the cage was bounced off the line by the newlywed couple "enjoying" themselves, along with being put onto the cable at a spot too close to the splice. (In a related story, I worked with and knew the only person [up to that time] ever fired from MM as a safety risk...he worked on eagle's Nest, and would actually TRY to send cars out right on the red-painted splice. Considering the splice was painted red for 25 feet either side of the splice, and yellow for 75 feet past that, and you weren't supposed to put a car out on either the yellow or the red, I think they had good reason to fire him.) The stuffed carcass of the tame 27 year old lion that people used to set their little kids on (when it was alive) for pictures. It snapped one day and killed it's trainer, so it was put down. A necropsy (sic?) revealed later that it had a tumor on its brain, possibly leading to this. The car from Colossus. The car from Revolution that decapitated the gardener...a little known MM tragedy, after more than 10 announcements in both English and Spanish announcing that Rev would begin cycling trains in X minutes (which could be heard at the far end of the parking lot), a gardener working under the tracks heard a strange sound and stuck his head up through the tracks to investigate... The car from the gas-powered cars on the rail that slipped off a jack while the mechanic was underneath it working on the transmission, breaking his neck...this ride was later shut down, with much of the real estate it used being used for the steam train. And finally, the gurney the young man who was stabbed to death in the disco bled out on...on what was, to that point, the most crowded day in park history, several gangs decided to fight it out in the park. One death and at least 7 non-fatal knifings later, it took a major contingent of Los Angeles County and City law enforcement to clear the park. As employees at the time, we were not allowed to leave the park until after 2:30 in the morning, and the sight of all that blood in the medical area (I got two toes broken by an idiot in 3 inch disco shoes) is still pretty much a recurring nightmare in my dreams.
  19. ^Keep at it, Owen...you've got years of riding coasters in front of you, while their nerdy obsessions will fade with time...sooner or later, one or more of them will realize how much fun you're having, and suddenly other people will want to go with you, too...
  20. I only watch foul-mouthed Scottish ex-pat comedians on late night TV...but usually I'm listening to late night radio over the Internet...
  21. ^ Yeah, it was all over the news...poor Carol, who weighed in excess of 300 lbs. and was 4 foot 10 inches tall...they had to stand on the lap bar to get it to lock down, but she was raising hell about "her rights" so they let her go...one of many strange deaths at MM over the years(I don't want to go into too much detail of those unless it's OK to do so-don't want to piss anyone off)... BTW, a little known bit of knowledge-in the original drawings, Colossus was called "The Killer" and the original car design was to have them resemble coffins...this was obviously changed before construction...
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