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What Social Media do you use the most?

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I view some tumblr pages, and watch videos on Youtube. .


but the only place I PROVIDE content, and actively participate (other than on message boards such as TPR, or on Comic sites).. is going to be Facebook. So yes, I post, comment, "like" and share often.


I'm old school--my flip phone (no, really) makes calls only. I don't text, don't Snapchat, tweet, vine, or Instagram.


not super helpful, I'm sure, but that's me

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Facebook by far the most. YouTube second, and often with Facebook. I have twitter and pinterest only for extra reasons for other things. I hate these ones and rarely use them, considering them next to useless.

Facebook every day, likes, shares, comment, posts

YouTube almost every day, if not. Watch, share, save, some subscribe

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1) Facebook. Use it on a daily basis, mainly for connecting with friends. I occasionally like/share TPR content if it's about a ride I've been/park I've been to or going to in near future.

2) Youtube. Use it on a daily basis. Mainly just watching, rarely use likes. Occasionally post own content.

3) Twitter. Don't use it, but I watch what TPR posts.

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Facebook- Mostly just a lurker. Occasionally I post some stuff, but for the most part I'm just on to follow theme park pages, friends and what not.

Twitter- I definitely post more on here than any other site, and like Facebook, I follow theme park pages and check periodically for news.

Youtube- mostly I just watch videos. Rarely do I ever post comments or videos of my own.


I also have Instagram, Vine, and Periscope, but I almost never use them lol.

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I'm not a huge on the social media stuff. I know at this point in my life that I have my inner circle of friends, and I just want to stay out of the drama and crap that people say. However, if I had to rank, it would be:


1) Youtube- My most often visited "social" site. I don't sign in, or contribute really, but I do follow TPR's videos and watch a lot of other stuff on there too.


2) Facebook- I used to have an account, but decided to ditch it after a lot of stupidity from "friends". I still use it solely as a news source for parks, and to see responses from parks on peoples' comments. In all honesty, I just skip over posts saying stuff like "Tell us your favorite coaster at the park". I'm more looking for news, teasers, and behind the scenes stuff.


3) Twitter- I very rarely use this, as most of the content on Facebook appears here too. I don't have an account, and only follow a few pages (mainly hockey reporters), which I can get through an app, so there's no need for an account.


4) I don't use or view apps like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. I feel like they are redundant to the rest of the social media apps, and don't provide much for me to get excited about.

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1. Facebook - I use it pretty much as a blog and to see what everyone else is doing. I like and share interesting posts on my page and in groups I belong in.

2. You Tube - Watch and post theme park related videos, subscribe to channels, like and add videos to playlists

3. Twitter - Keep up with them park news. It also reposts my facebook posts automatically.

4. Reddit - To look up theme park news and to post interesting links

5. Instagram - To see theme park pics

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