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New Trains for Titan at Space World Japan

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At first glance (before I knew it was an Arrow) I thought S&S because they reminded me of the El Loco seats, the only thing that looked off was the restraint, but their launch coasters like Extreme Rush at Happy Valley have those kind of restraints, so yeah it looks like a hybrid of the two.

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I think I agree with the S&S idea even if the restraints are completely different. They also remind me a little bit of the seats on Hollywood Dream so my second choice would be B&M.


I remember from the POV some wierd transitions on this ride so I'm pretty sure that with these trains it will be a lot more scarier!

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That came out of leftfield.


Going to do a thorough search for some more pics later. But for now a quick check found this nicer version of the rendering and some pictures of the new trains arriving.

The rendering looks a bit different to the finished product. The back of the cars are certainly a bit higher in real life.


The trains will also have on board music where you can choose from 5 tracks.


Music to be used for the "Titan MAX" is, your request visited the Space World will select five songs from the song many


S&S are partnered with Sansei in Japan correct? So I assume this would have been brokered through them in some way?


Rendering of new train.


Trains arriving at the park


And being lifted onto the track


Up we go!

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I am only hoping that with this new configuration of seating,

what Robb called the "Bent Coat Hanger," will be less painful to ride through.


(see photos, thank you TPR)



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