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Club TPR Bonus Tracks! New video for Club TPR Members!

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bonustracks_cover_vol1.thumb.jpg.71719488b32149060f831e7775704e9c.jpgClub TPR Members have something NEW to check out! Bonus Tracks Volume 1 is a collection of ride videos from random places! It's free and exclusive ONLY for Club TPR Members!


This digital download video is a high quality MP4 video and will easily play on your iPad, iPhone, Quicktime player, or any other mobile device that supports the MP4 video format. This video includes Stingray, Falcons Fury, Bronto Jet, Tornado, Dragons Tail, Freedom Flyer, Looping Toboggan, Topple Tower, Ultra Twister, and Vortex. You'll see a selection of videos that we have featured on our YouTube channel, RAW DVDs, and some totally new content just for this digital download all in one package!


Will there be a Volume 2? That depends on YOU! Let us know what you think of this new concept and if you like it, we'll make more! Now go DOWNLOAD!


Club TPR Members can download the video in the "Downloads" section of their Club TPR Account page: http://www.clubtpr.com/login.php


If you're NOT a Club TPR Members, you can JOIN NOW! http://www.clubtpr.com


Thank you to everyone for your support!


--Robb Alvey


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I just downloaded and watched the Oktoberfest video - I liked it so much that I had to have a beer to celebrate! I really have to get back to Oktoberfest as the whole experience is just surreal.


And watching drunk Piers is always entertaining...especially with Jager involved!

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Downloaded it and it was pretty awesome! Robb, you said that you could watch it on the TV if you have a Roku (which we do) but how does it transfer to a Roku? Is there an app that needs to be on the Roku for it to work?


Either way, I watched it on the Desktop and was pretty great. Loved the random mix of rides and coasters. Great job and can't wait for some more of this stuff in the future!


Jimmy "I love being a ClubTPR member!" Bo

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Robb, you said that you could watch it on the TV if you have a Roku (which we do) but how does it transfer to a Roku?

To be honest, I've never used a Roku, but I would have to imagine it would work if it can play or stream files from your computer. (I thought it could do this?) It's very similar to the WD TV device we have and we just send stuff to the box and watch it on our TV.


Here's some info: http://support.roku.com/entries/423946-What-media-file-types-does-the-Roku-Media-Player-channel-support-

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Thanks Robb, a wonderful free bonus for club members!


This was actually one of the first times I've managed to download a large digital media file from TPR. Probably due to old un-maintained network infrastructure in parts of Australia, all my previous attempts downloading TPR digital files have always 'timed out' and my connection resets before they complete.


I left this file downloading a few hours overnight, and lucked out that my connection never reset during that period and I managed to get the whole file. It plays on my Windows 7 PC, or I have a Philips media box that can play mp4's on my TV.


From the small grabs that I watched so far on my PC, it was really great!

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^ Thanks Doug! Actually, one of the reasons I made the video a little shorter (about 20 minutes) was for a number of different reasons, two of the bigger ones being attention span and ease of downloading without timing out.


There ARE some apps out there that will allow your browser to "pick up where it left off" when you're downloading files.

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^ Yeah that was pretty wierd, having to wear those "head protectors" on this "extended Toboggan".

I don't think it made any difference at all, especially in protecting the rest of my body, lol.


I loved how the video ended, with Vortex, my first ever standing coaster.

Great mess of stuff, Robb. Looking forward to another video mashup.

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