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Avalanche's LOOPING Vertical Drop Water Slide!

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thank you and that is correct. i was designing a trap door launch capsule and had a nightmare where it broke away and i went down the slide inside the capsule. there is current plans for both straight conveyor launch and a more extreme tip up and drop launch system. we provide a translucent fiberglass option right now and have plans for clear acrylic tubing in the near future.

Thanks for the reply.

Is this possible with the capsule to have a launch? I mean, as a thrill element in itself, not only for dispatch. Either with a conveyor, LSMs or a powerful water jet (why not making the capsule hermetic at the end and having a air compressed launch! ).

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As for the water slide vs. not water slide debat, I -for myself- have two conditions:

- Does it has wheels? If yes, it's a water ride, if not, a water slide.

- In case of a vehicle (mattress, tube, etc) is it designed for you to be able to fall on the tube during the course? If yes, water slide, if not water ride.



A flume has wheels and if you fall off the boat you're screwed. -> Water ride.

A river rapid (esp. Zamperla Hydro Lift, those look like a water slide more) doesn't have wheels, but once again, you better not fall from the embarcation. Same goes for Van Egdom ride such as the Oxygenarium. -> Water rides.

Proslide rides with LSM uphills (or any equivalents). No wheels, you can fell off safely -> Water slide.


As for our vertical slide, as you are strapped in a vehicle with an harness, I'd say it's not a true water slide, but more of a water ride. But honestly, does it matter? I'll call it a water ride and not a true water slide, but I'll enjoy it nonetheless. Though the line is blurred here if this ride is going to be build in waterparks. Peeps in swimsuits help me to call a thing water slide.


And think about it. A guy had a dream, he built it, rode it and now he is selling it for anyone to enjoy! Isn't that awesome?! Let's take a moment to appreciate what we have here, that's a beautiful story in my opinion.

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^^^^^^^^Definition of a water slide:
A water slide (also referred to as flumes, water chutes, or hydroslides) is a type of slide designed for warm-weather or indoor recreational use at water parks. Water slides differ in their riding method and therefore size. Some slides require riders to sit directly on the slide, or on a raft or tube designed to be used with the slide.


The wonders of the internet, you can find anything to prove a point.


1) - Definition from Merriam Webster

wa·ter·slide : a large slide usually at an amusement park that has water running down it and that is used for sliding down into a swimming pool


2) - I don't need a dictionary to define something for me if it is a common item. I'll use common sense. But if you wish, Google the term "water slide" and check out the images. Let me know how long it takes you to see an image of a log flume. EDIT: 153 rows down, over 750 images before a Splash Mountain photo appeared for me


3) More common sense, find examples in this forum (or any other coaster forum) where anyone 'ever" referred to a log flume or water coaster as a water slide. I'll wait!


In the end you could call it a water slide or even a coaster if you want, but I won't.

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But if you wish, Google the term "water slide" and check out the images. Let me know how long it takes you to see an image of a log flume.

15 rows down on the first page of results, hehe


I do like KingRCT3's list of conditions, though. That's pretty much what I go by.


The thing that scares me the most about this ride isn't the vertical drop or the 6 g loop, but the thought of being strapped in and not able to sit upright immediately at the end of the ride, right after having a bunch of water shoot up my nose. lol

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^ As long as water is involved, and one slides down it, it is a water slide.


So a log flume is a water slide?

Nice try on the reductio ad absurdum, but they certainly do have things in common. With the slide that is the subject of this thread, I don't see a capsule as being significantly different from a raft like the one on Verruckt, where you are also strapped in. I definitely find this slide interesting--as to whether I would have the guts to go on it, maybe is the best I can say at this point.

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Cool looking ride. I have this fear that I would get stuck at the bottom and the tube would fill with water and I would drown. I know that can't happen but it is my fear anyway.


Actually, that brings up an interesting question:


How do they regulate the build up of water at the bottom of the tube? Is there a jet of water that evacuates any excess build up through the loop or is there a drain at the base of the tube?

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You guys asked for it and got it!! Skyturtle/Avalanche is pleased to announce that we have inked a deal with ACTION PARK New Jersey to install the very first Skycaliber ride in 2016 - appropriately named the Cannonball Loop.





Awesome to see Action Park returning to its roots.

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I'd definitely ride it, if one were to be located somewhere I was going already. However, I don't care for the cylinder ride "vehicle"... Wake me up when somebody invents a body slide that can safely circumnavigate a vertical loop!

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They really need to have some form of drainage system or something to make sure riders' heads remain above the water at the end of the runoff.

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