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Favorite Photos YOU Have Taken

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I have one good picture from my recent visit to Kraken:


I like the way the train goes down the drop. =P


(Picture of Kraken.)

Get rid of that hideous black bar on the left, and you've got an excellent picture!


I really like my picture of Balder that I took on the Kanonen press-day.

Holy cow, that's a big image. It looks cool, though.


(Pictures of IOA at night.)
Get a tripod. Good night pictures will look better without the slight blur from you holding it.


Enough critiques.

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Here are some of my fav pics since they show the faces of the riders. Enjoy!


No faces, but I like this pic and I THINK I took it in 1987, Vortex's opening year! And with film no less!! (No digital cameras yet!)


Orochi at Expoland


Cyclone at Williams Grove


Wildcat at Hershey


Great Bear at Hershey

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All that from a Digital Camera.


I did saturate it some with Picasa though. To give it some more vibrance.


Took this one when moving back from Japan in '04. At SFGAm, my home park from '98 - '01. This is my favorite park out of all the one's I've been to. I visit every summer now. No matter were I live.



Superman: ROS at SFA.


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I don't have a huge file of coaster pictures, but I think this rather "artsy," through-the trees shot of Apollo's Chariot is about the best, mainly because it's a shot you get only on opening day. Once those trees leaf out, forget it. The trees give the ride some scale, and the pic a feeling of "discovery" somehow.


Apollo's Chariot through the trees, taken on the bridge to Festa Italia in March 2006.

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*Copys Beast layout shot to hardrive*

Heres some of my faves..

The transition just looks so beutiful from this perspective. And the train mid-overbank is a plus...

This spot photographs really well..

My first POV shot. Diserves recognition just for that...

I'm mad that this scanned in black/white. It was a really good shot...

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