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Your 5 year plan and predictions for any park

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^You really think MiA is going to get a B&M dive machine? That park is the most neglected out of al of them, I highly doubt they would invest something that big into a low attendance park...


I think they need new steel and I feel like they'd be more likely to get a smaller Dive Coaster like Krake than a Hyper. I like that many people are seeing a Chance Hyper-GTX at MIA, but Cedar Fair does an awful lot of business with B&M which makes it seem like it'd be a safer bet for them.

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They do a lot of business with B&M's for parks that can actually benefit having one. MiA does't have the attendance for one. Even a small dive machine costs millions more than a chance or GCI. Cedar Point gets B&M's because they're high capacity, reliable and marketable for them.

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This could be fun, so all you have to do is say what you want (realistic) a park to receive for the next 5 years (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)


I'll choose Michigan's Adventure...

2016 - Premier Rides Superman clone

2017 - Relocation/conversion of Vortex at CGA to a floorless

2018 - Planet/Camp Snoopy

2019 - Waterpark expansion

2020 - Drop tower (S&S or Intamin)


Your turn

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-Carowinds: Water Park Expansion (re-branding to Soak City) and Potential Conversion of Vortex (still keeping an open mind about that though I hope differently). If that conversion doesn't happen, I see something being added to the dry side too. Maybe a new flume or a flat ride of some sort.


I saw somewhere that Carowinds is not going to make Vortex a floorless. They like it the way it is. Plus, the costs vs ROI wouldn't be worth it since it is a shorter stand-up vs Mantis.

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^Maybe on the last page


I'm just keeping an open mind to it. I actually think its an enjoyable stand-up coaster. At the same time, I didn't mind Mantis that much either. I think the conversions, at least from Stand-Up to Floorless, fall more so into the "improving customer satisfaction" category with quicker load times moreso than driving traffic through the gate.


I'm just going off that because of the "two possible conversions" mentioned in the conference call (in which there are two B&M Stand-Ups left in the chain). This could, of course, mean any coaster (could even include an RMC Mean Streak).


There was a report on another site that was mentioned numerous times (but has yet to be verified) that stems from an interview that was had at Fury 325 media day with Rob Decker. He stated they were going to "coast into 2016" and "making a huge splash". During the interview (which I have not been able to find so do not mark the words here), he supposedly said that they were looking into a possible conversion of an existing attraction at the park. Once again, just passing on what was said and this hasn't been confirmed. But, just in case, I'm keeping that "open mind". Granted, he couldn't have said any of that OR what he did say doesn't exactly hint as a conversion (some enthusiasts will try to take it any way they can to speculate). As for the "coasting into 2016" line, I'm pretty sure that meant that Fury 325 (the 2015 coaster) will take them right into 2016 (waterpark).

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Here's my prediction on Darien Lake's 5 year plan


2016 - CNL sells Darien Lake to some other company that knows how properly run a theme park

2017 - Expansion of "Thunder Road" into the former 'Cuda Falls/Barracuda Bay area, replace Hook's Lagoon with a new kiddie water slide complex/playground

2018 - New family coaster (for kids under 48" and adults to ride), new lights for Giant Wheel

2019 - Galaxy Theater and Go Karts demolished for new ride/attraction

2020 - Premier Rides "Superman" clone

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This thread seems very similar to This Thread.


And here's a five year plan for Epcot, written by Robb.



2015 - Remove Spaceship Earth and replace it with a great big ball of cheese. Have a ride going through it and call it "The Great Big Ball of Cheese."

2016 - Demolish the entire World Showcase area and dedicate the entire land to a show featuring the most unicyclists in the world. Would need more than 2,000 performing at one time.

2017 - Add 8 more theaters for Soarin' and show 16 minutes of insane Japanese TV commercials in each theater.

2018 - Melt the Great Big Ball of Cheese attraction. Open fondue restaurant.

2019 - Put a stack of elephants 300 feet high in the middle of the unicycle show.

2020 - Re-build Horizons, but have it be a ride about bees instead of the future.


--Robb "This is no more ridiculous than any other responses we will get in this thread." Alvey

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^ Yeah, I think that Ouimet was referring to the two other B&M stand-ups when they were talking about converting Mantis. I can't find the exact quote, but it's out there somewhere. I just think most stand-up rides suffer the same fate: People will ride them once and move on.


Plus, capacity really suffers.

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This is what I expect Six Flags to do with La Ronde in the next 5 years:


2016 I imagine Six Flags will put a new Super Loop ride and call it a coaster because thats what Six Flags has been doing this year with most of its parks.


2017 Because it will be the park's 50th anniversary they'll probably demolish Super Manège to have more place for Le Monstre's RMC retracking or they'll probably demolish Cobra and the old movie theatre to build a new coaster. Maybe a B&M Wingrider, a Eurofighter or a Premier Rides launch coaster.


2018 I imagine that there will be nothing major this year. Maybe a new show or a new payed attraction.


2019 Six Flags will probably build a new family ride similar to Justice League Batle for Metropolice but theamed differently.


2020 Maybe a new thrill or family flat ride like a Flying Scooter. Basically a small flat ride for this year.

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Cedar Point I feel like they're going to go big in the next few years until their 150th anniversary. Some of these probably have some reason they can't happen but I feel it could be Plausible.

2016: New Coaster is a definite at this point. I really don't believe the dive machine rumor so I think its an absolutely massive wooden coaster. I can't decide on who the best manufacturer would be, a Gravity Group would be amazing but probably wouldn't track very well in a few years of lake erie winters. A GCI might track a little better but it would be a little more family friendly. Right now I'm leaning towards an Intamin prefab in the hopes that it would last longer and fit the park better. The ride would be on a new midway connecting the dead end near blue streak to the stage near Iron Dragon. A flat ride or two may also come. Coasters start to get paint refresh

2017: Major new water park expansion to bring the place into the modern day. Two slide towers would come, the first would be 4 drop pod slides, 2 with aqua loops, and 2 with out, then two regular free fall slides higher up on the tower. The next would have a water coaster, Tornado and a combo bowl/zero-g wall slide. In the park their would be some more minor improvements and Mean Streak would close down. Paint refreshes continue and new kiddie coaster is added.

2018: RMC Mean Streak opens along with the whole are being refurbished. Complete overhaul of the food stands with some outside vendor coming in. One or two flatrides will come also. Once again, painting happens all over the park.

2019: Dark ride finally comes true and it's built in the back of the park near the new Evil Streak which was starting to fell like a stale feeling area. More minor refreshes all over the park like food and repaints.

2020:Major, Major year. By this point, all coasters and rides will have been repainted and the whole food department is overhauled. The whole park will have a new feel to it, no more black top and shade will be added to empty areas. New lighting packages on all the rides that need it. Two new coasters will come this year. The first will be near the front of the park, a Poler Coaster and the first to top 600 feet. It could be place by Raptor's lift hill or near windseeker. The second will be a more family friendly mack multi-launch coaster to replace the mine ride. Of course, the midways near these rides will be refreshed.

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Kings Island

2016: Soak City expansion including slide complex similar to what KD is getting for 15'

2017: Wonder Mountain Guardian style dark ride in Crypt building

2018: B&M Giga in X-BASE along with restrooms and other amenities.

2019: Redesigned front gate and minor improvements.

2020: Antique cars with stations in International Street and Rivertown, takes place of path that connects Int' St. with Rivertown near DB's splashdown. Also, Ferris Wheel in Coney Mall (former Flight Commander spot.)


Cedar Point

2016: B&M Dive Machine

2017: Soak City upgrades similar to what KD got in 15'

2018: WMG style dark ride opens in former Pirate building.

2019: Snake River Falls removed and replaced with Mack splash battle.

2020: Mean Streak reopens with RMC makeover making it the tallest and fastest wooden coaster on Earth.



2016: Soak City expansion on the other side of Thunder Road. Includes multiple slides and rapid river. Vortex removed.

2017: Pipescream style ride replaces Vortex, also minor improvements and 4D Cinema closes.

2018: S&S Swing built where 4D cinema used to be.

2019: Log flume replaces Dinosaurs Alive

2020: B&M Launched Wing coaster added across from Carolina Cobra that extends over maintenance area.


Kings Dominion

2016: 4D cinema removed and replaced with B&M Launched wing coaster that intertwines with new entrance ALA Gatekeeper.

2017: Backlot Stunt Coaster removed, replaced with WMG style dark ride.

2018: Another water park expansion that connects it with Ricochet area. Expansion includes 2 slide complexes. Shockwave removed.

2019: Planet Snoopy expansion including Pipe-Scream attraction built over part of Shockwave area.

2020: S&S Swing built over remainder of Shockwave.


Worlds of Fun

2016: Slingshot added in front of Coasters Diner and Boomerang removed.

2017: B&M Launched wing coaster with station over former Boomerang area and the rest of the ride extending out into the forest.

2018: Planet Snoopy expanded East towards amphitheater; includes Pipe-Scream attraction.

2019: Mack splash battle added between Patriot and Windseeker.

2020: Minor improvements.


Valley Fair!

2016: Windseeker near Corkscrew entrance. Dinosaurs Alive removed.

2017: B&M invert where DA used to be. Excalibur removed.

2018: Soak City expansion where Excalibur used to be including Wildebeest style slide.

2019: Minor improvements.

2020: Boomerang from KBF, built across from Mad Mouse.


Michigan's Adventure

2016: Windseeker opens near Mad Mouse.

2017: Vortex (with floorless cars) from Carowinds added behind Wolverine Wildcat, also Slingshot added next to it.

2018: Boomerang from WoF added near Shivering Timbers.

2019: Planet Snoopy with Pipe-Scream attraction.

2020: Water park expansion with slide complex similar to what KD got in 15'


California's Great America

2016: Windseeker added in former Invertigo spot. Go karts removed.

2017: Backlot Stunt Coaster relocated from KD but with spinning cars over go karts former spot.

2018: Boomerang Bay expansion with KD 15' style slide. Grizzly removed.

2019: B&M Hyper built where Grizzly used to be.

2020: Minor improvements.


Knott's Berry Farm

2016: Slingshot added where Windseeker used to be.

2017: Minor improvements. Ghost Rider closes.

2018: Ghost River reopens with RMC makeover.

2019: Boomerang removed. Replaced with Pipescream style ride.

2020: Minor improvements.


Dorney Park

2016: Windseeker added near Steel Force, Slingshot added near Hydra's cobra roll.

2017: GCI wooden coaster added near exit of White Water Landing.

2018: Minor improvements.

2019: Pipescream attraction added next to Cedar Creek Flyers.

2020: Wildwater Kingdom upgrades including new pro-slide.


Canada's Wonderland

2016: B&M Wing coaster replaces Skyrider.

2017: Slingshot added near Windseeker and minor improvements.

2018: B&M Launched Floorless coaster with entrance near Xtreme Skyflyer, the layout follows the perimeter of the park towards Behemoth and then back. Mighty Canadian Minebuster removed

2019: Massive Waterworks expansion where Minebuster used to be.

2020: Splashbattle where Minebuster used to be.

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I was curious as to how realistic it would be able to add each of these attractions, the price point for some of them are complete estimates so they're likely not completely spot on.


I also drew up quick layouts to give a better perspective of some of the coasters.


2016 83M

KI Soak City Expansion (2M)

CP Dive Coaster (14M)

CAR Soak City Expansion (4M)

KD Launched Wing Coaster (20M)

WOF Slingshot (1M)

VF Windseeker (5M)

MIA Windseeker (5M)

CGA Windseeker (5M)

KBF Slingshot (1M)

DP Windseeker & Slingshot (6M)

CW Wing Coaster (20M)




2017 76M

KI Dark Ride (8M)

CP Soak City Expansion (3M)

CAR Pipescream (2M)

KD Dark Ride (8M)

WOF Launched Wing Coaster (16M)

VF Invert (17M)

MIA Vortex relocation & Slingshot (6M)

CGA Backlot relocation (6M)

KBF Minor Improvements (1M)

DP GCI Woodie (8M)

CW Slingshot (1M)


2018 90M

KI Giga (26M)

CP Dark Ride (6M)

CAR SkySwing (7M)

KD Soak City Expansion (4M)

WOF Planet Snoopy Expansion (5M)

VF Soak City Expansion (3M)

MIA Boomerang relocation (2M)

CGA Boomerang Bay Expansion (2M)

KBF Ghost Rider RMC (9M)

DP Minor Improvements (1M)

CW Launched Floorless Coaster (25M)


2019 55M

KI New Gate (4M)

CP Splash Battle (4M)

CAR Splash Battle (4M)

KD Planet Snoopy Expansion (5M)

WOF Splash Battle (4M)

VF Minor Improvements (1M)

MIA Planet Snoopy Expansion (3M)

CGA B&M Hyper (17M)

KBF Pipescream (2M)

DP Pipescream (2M)

CW Water Works Expansion (9M)


2020 59M

KI Antique Cars & Ferris Wheel (5M)

CP Mean Streak RMC (11M)

CAR Launched Wing Coaster (23M)

KD S&S SkySwing (7M)

WOF Minor Improvements (1M)

VF Boomerang Relocation (2M)

MIA Wild Water Kingdom Expansion (2M)

CGA Minor Improvements (1M)

KBF Minor Improvements (1M)

DP Wild Water Kingdom Expansion (2M)

CW Splash Battle (4M)


Cedar Point B&M Dive Machine. 240' tall, 80mph, 3 inversions.


Canada's Wonderland B&M Wing Coaster. 180' tall, 72mph, 5 inversions.


Kings Dominion B&M Launched Wing Coaster. 135' tall, 70mph, 4 inversions.


Worlds of Fun B&M Launched Wing Coaster. 115' tall, 65mph, 5 inversions.


Valley Fair B&M Invert. 140' tall, 63mph, 5 inversions.


Dorney Park GCI Woodie. 100' tall 53mph.


Kings Island B&M Giga. 360' tall 100mph.


Canada's Wonderland B&M Launched Floorless Coaster. 125' tall, 63mph, 4 inversions.


California's Great America B&M Hyper. 210' tall 76mph.


Carowinds B&M Launched Wing Coaster. 165' tall, 75mph, 5 inversions.

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This is such a good thread, I had to offer a second post:


Conneaut Lake Park:


2015: Purchase insurance on the park's remaining buildings and attractions, then set them on fire (except Blue Streak, which I privately ride). Pay off the fire chief to call it an accident. Collect the money. Scrap any metal you can. Purchase Hotel Conneaut with portion of insurance funds.


2016-2017: Begin construction of massive meth lab inside Hotel Conneaut and turn it into a seasonal brothel. Use remaining funds from insurance money to pay off local officials to zone prostitution and gambling as legal in the locality. Obtain sole gaming license and find partner to construct large casino. Dump toxic chemicals from meth lab into old parking lot. Continue this business plan in year 3 (2017). Retrofit Hotel Conneaut Brothel with heat, A/C, and new furnishings.


2018: Ramping up of construction for casino. Pave over toxic meth waste. Most of the town should, by this point, be addicted, including people in positions of power and authority. Begin brain washing program to make them more militant. Have Blue Streak reprofiled by Gravity Group so it has airtime on the back half. Refuse to pay insurance company or IRS.


2019: Forcefully secede from the US by starting a guerrilla war using methed out zombie soldiers immediately following construction of new casino. Stock their children, also on meth, in Hotel Conneaut and the casino to prevent strategic bombing. Obtain ceasefire from authorities granting some degree of authoritarian rule in the locality, to be renamed "The Republic of Methsylvania" and promote duty free meth, legal prostitution, gambling, and Cuban cigars.

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2016- Justice League Dark Ride replacing the Old Haunt Building/ MagicQuest

2017- Funtime 230ft Star Flyer Replacing Sky Trail, Demon Backwards, Go Karts Removed

2018- Kids Area Expansion where the Go Karts Were, X Flight Backwards, V2 Removed and sent Somewhere

2019- Premier Rides Full Throttle Like Coaster Where Ragin Cajun/V2 Was, Raging Bull Backwards

2020- American Eagle gets the "Twisted Colossus" Treatment where both sides are combined into 1 coaster

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