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Your guilty pleasure ride

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I used the search function, I tried to find a thread like this.


Do you have a guilty pleasure ride? Something that's a must do for you that other people would walk right by? A ride that maybe enthusiasts typically don't like, but you love?


I guess we could go the other way too. Rides that most go nuts about but don't do anything for you personally?


For me it was Excalibur at Valleyfair. Now it's a bit too rough.

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I was rather fond of X at Thorpe Park back in 2006. This enclosed Vekoma is probably the most pointless coaster ever built, but that may be the reason I sort of like it.




I like Drayton Manor's rather moth eaten Pirate Adventure, too.



Look! A goat has the keys! How totally original!

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I like Green Lantern at SFMM more than most. And I'm another who will ride a log flume in any weather, even by myself if need be. If there was a TPR "Log Flumes in the RAW" DVD I would totally buy it!


Count me amongst those who really enjoys Green Lantern as well. Also, V2 at SFDK is one I try to ride every time I'm there, even if no one will ride it with me.

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Unlike many other enthusiast, I ride a Looping Starship ride once I see it and I don't care if it crushes my chest (or my thighs).


I forgot about the Looping Starship since they are so rare, especially in my neck of the woods. That is another one I make sure to ride at least once if a park has one.

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Mine is also Blackbeards Mine Train at Six Flags Great Adventure!

It is just a horrid ride that we have a great time on as a family. The first time we all went - my sister's bf at the time was twirling his finger around making a wooo wooo wooo sound. Then he hit his finger into one of the markers/antennae - and was like "OUCH!!!!". It sadly became so funny we cannot control the laughter. It was a had to be there kind of thing, but yeah - guilty pleasure.

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It's hard to think of one as I like many rides. But as of recent I suppose Gold Striker was my guilty pleasure, absolutely love this ride. I'd say its the best GCI i've been on. Always liked row 6, feels more wild and actually shows the rides personality.


That's me in the front row in green. This was during the promo shoot they had for a couple weeks in april/may

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Our Sky Wheel at Playland (PNE), during the season (late spring - Sept.).


It's at a far corner of the park, and provides beautiful views of the mountains,

and some of the city skyline, too. Since the ride isn't that busy during it's regular

season I ride solo. thanks to the great ride ops there. Which gives me room to move

around and get some new pix of the views. A nice, relaxing ride to just chill out and enjoy.


The Sky Wheel at Playland (PNE).


One of it's great views.

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Boy oh boy, there's too many to mention. Mostly though, Its the old classics that really get me going. Such as whips, calypsos, tumble bugs, rock o planes and a really cool one that always makes me laugh, especially if you cram 4 adults into the red bug raceway (its original name years ago) at Kennywood. Try it sometime , crammed full of adults, you cant help but howl at the whole absurdity.

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Any rides that control how much you spin/flip (tea cups, Rock-o-Planes, etc), which then gives me freedom to go insane with them. I always have to go in my own pod/cup/unit/whatever because I get other people really nauseous if they ride with me.


Case in point, my current record for flips in a single Rock-o-Plane cycle was 113.

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