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The Official TPR Video Thread!

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Fortunately I got to ride it once in 2010 on my trip to Ohio to ride Diamondback. Did it for nostalgic reasons because I rode its sister coaster Wild Rails at VF for many years and loved that version too. Brought back good memories so I was disappointed when they removed it a year later. Wish I would have known they were going to remove it then because I would have a taken a few more laps for sure.

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I remember them having something like this at MM, and it was called the

Mountain Express, and it was one of the very few kinds of these

coasters, they were still running single cars, and not joining them together

like they did for the Matterhorn, or other steel coasters like these. And

it was an awesome little coaster!


FlashBack took it's footprint, after they closed ME down.

But I got to ride Mountain Express in....1975. While the

mountain was still being dug into and cleared, for the

footers for Revolution to being built.

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C'mon TPR! I really want to give away a Bag-O-Crap! All that's needed is 25 comments!


Let's make this easy...


How about one of the world's fastest coasters in one of the world's worst parks?


If we get 25 comments before we post the next one we'll give away a Bag-O-Crap! So...



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I still think they should have named it "Dodongo" and themed it around the awesome Legend of Zelda boss. What the hell is a Dodongo you ask? Well, it's better than any stupid strawberry themed coaster train.


Jimmy "Zelda nerd" Bo

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