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  1. Hello all! I was wondering which theme park/resort would be the best option for my family and I, which consists of 3 teens and 2 parents. As of right now we're trying to decide whether to go to Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens Tampa, or Universal Studios + Islands of Adventure. Money is not factor at this time. Last year we went to Walt Disney World and had an amazing time. We actually had wished we were staying longer the day we had to leave! This year I would like to try something more thrilling, but, I feel as if the parks with thrilling attractions will not fulfill my wants due to the fact
  2. From past experience, does anyone know how crowded the park will be on Columbus Day Sunday? Everything I have looked up contradicts with other information I have found. Also, would Fast Lane Plus be worth it for this day?
  3. Hey guys! I was wondering if anybody had a working download for Techno Dude's Intimidator Cable Lift CTR? Thanks!
  4. Ok!=D It's exciting! I have butterflies in my stomache! Haha=D
  5. hey! I'm gay. Does anybody have any tips on coming out??
  6. http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2389 ^Game Exchange Link SCR17.BMP ^Picture
  7. All I have to say about this announcement is, Cedar Fair: The NEW Six Flags...
  8. Sorry to be off topic here, but does anybody know why TTD has been closed all day for the past 2 days??
  9. I Envy you... I think I might try to order one from Border's tomorrow, Wish me the best of luck on getting one!! hahahha
  10. Thanks for the info guys!!! ^ You are REALLY lucky!!!
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