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100 Best Roller Coasters

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I wouldn't count half of these rides as the top 100. They just took a list of 100 random and well-known coasters, put them in alphabetical order, and said it was the list of the best 100. They didn't even check to make sure that the picture matched the coaster they were talking about.


Anyways, I got 5/100.

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9, which was more than I expected. However I also rode Hypersonic which would be fairer than the rides that haven't even been open a year, and Space Mountain at Disney world not Disneyland, and have trekked all the way to Carowinds and SFGadv before they had any of the rides listed at them.

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I've been on either 37 or 38 depending which Revenge of the Mummy is being counted (I've been on California's but not Florida's). Some of those choices are questionable at best, but the list seems to pull from new/notable coasters as opposed to best coasters.

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47 for me, seems like the majority of my count are coasters well out of the way in China and Japan. It doesn't help that I have only ridden very limited coasters on east coast US. If I did some of those parks, that number would surely shoot up.


Glad to see Hair Raiser on that list as that was a surprisingly cool little ride.

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