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  1. The building moratorium is going away with the approved construction of new levees. I too don't see the city of Sacramento allowing a casino within city limits... (especially since North Natomas is a middle/upper class neighborhood), but Sacramento County isn't far from the site and would be a simple light rail ride away. (possibly using their own train to connect.) I know the possibility of this development here is slim to none, but it would be an interesting proposal. Edit: As for neighbor opposition, from what I understand, North Natomas residents actually like the economic impact the arena brings and don't mind the noise (it leaks out.. especially when the game is sold out) and traffic it brings.
  2. uhmm... Kentucky Kingdom Legoland California Legoland Florida Universal Orlando Wild Adventures Fiesta Texas Seaworld San Antonio Dollywood to an extent It can be done if it's done right. As for price of land, land is pretty abundant and cheap in Sacramento due to the recession halting development... However, they'd have to get in fast, since developers are snatching up anything they can get their hands on due to escalating demand for homes & offices.
  3. I still think that this project would do much better in Sacramento. Same distance from most of the Bay Area with a much larger population locally based. Plus Reno is right down the road (90-120 minutes.) As for location, when the new downtown arena is built, the current Sleep Train Arena site (and vacant surroundings) are being redeveloped by the City of Sacramento. Would be an interesting proposal.
  4. Central Florida for sure- Because Anything > LA Traffic (I know Orlando has traffic too, but no where as bad) Seaworld Orlando > Seaworld San Diego Busch Gardens Tampa > Knott's (closest thing) LPZ> San Diego Zoo DisneyWorld>Disneyland Universal Florida>Universal Hollywood Legoland Florida>Legoland California Anything > Six Flags Magic Mountain Edit: How could I forget!!! Epcot > All other parks in the world
  5. Keeping to the confidentiality I agreed to, The survey was VERY interesting. Having greatly enjoyed a park that have some of the components mentioned in the survey, I think that SF is going the right direction if they choose to add this attraction.
  6. I have a Universal Hollywood Pass and a California's Great America Gold Pass. Quite exciting I guess.
  7. I'm at 24. Hopefully a Cedar Point trip will get that number up soon.
  8. Not very impressive, but -Universal Studios Hollywood (new park) -California's Great America -Sunsplash Roseville -California State Fair
  9. Will the Q&A be posted online soon? I have always wanted to go to WCB, but have never not been busy that weekend. However, the Q&A is always hilarious to watch.
  10. Does anyone else remember reading a quote from the new CEO saying that they want to invest more in their hotels? Maybe Cedar Point is building a new resort hotel themed for families. With the apparent success Knott's is having with their Snoopy rooms, maybe a Snoopy themed hotel. Just speculation.
  11. Having ridden every major coaster in CA except Manta (hopefully this November,) this is my general conclusion. Best Steel: Either Flight Deck or X2 Best Wooden- Goldy Worst Steel: Kong Worst Wood: Ghostrider
  12. One thing I might possibly suggest would be setting up camp in Louisville and visiting King's Island, Holiday World, and Beech Bend well there. It is a good central point as all 3 parks are in different directions. As for Holiday World... you have to really commit to make it work. There are no hotels close to Holiday World so it would involve driving (most likely away from King's Island) for a few hours, then getting back in your car and driving back the other way. If you did Louisville (and Kentucky Kingdom will be open then too,) you could do something like Day 1- Drive from wherever, check in, Kentucky Kingdom Day 2- Beech Bend, possibly KK again Day 3- Holiday World Day 4- Check out and drive to King's Island. KI King's Island and Beech Bend are about 90 minutes from Louisville. Holiday World is 70 and Kentucky Kingdom could quite possibly be across the street if you decided to stay at one of the airport hotels.
  13. Remember Platinum Passes. And also, you should be able to get Holiday World done in one day. I've never been to King's Island so I couldn't say about that one.
  14. Intamin - Storm Rider (HP) Vekoma - Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster Arrow - The Great American Scream Machine (SFGAdv) Schwarzkopf - Scorpion MACK- Sand Serpent (BGT) Giovanola - Goliath (SFMM) Premier Rides - Soak'd (HRP) Chance - Joust (DW) Morgan - Santa Monica West Coaster (PP) Dinn - Never CCI - Kingdom Coaster (DW) RCCA - Never Gravity Group - Voyage (HW GCI - Gwazi B&M- Sheikra Zierer- Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train (SFGAdv) TOGO- Manhattan Express PTC- Comet (HP)
  15. From what I recall, very few if not any of the rides at CGA have a single riders line. Maybe Drop Zone, but that's it. The Fast Lanes, are a very good bet as the park may be busy depending on when SJ schools start. I'd do a quick lap around the park when you arrive to check out the lines and go from there on if you need a Fast Lane or not. I think it'd be best to do CGA on Saturday as it is never busier than SFDK and I know Sacramento (a big population of SFDK) has their schools starting on Monday.
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