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TPR's 2013 Japan Trip - Mini Updates!

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TPR Japan Updates!

Part 1 - Tokyo DisneySea & Tobu Zoo Pre-Trip (Scroll Down)

Part 2 - Universal Studios Japan

Part 3 - Hirakata Park

Part 4 - Yokohama Cosmoworld


Hey everyone!


TPR is back in our favorite place in the world... JAPAN!!!


We're three days into our trip, two "un-official" days and one "official" day! It's been a bit crazy so far (Japan always is!), so I'll cut to the chase and get right to the photos & captions!


Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for LIVE updates!

- http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview


I love seeing this airport sign! =)


We wasted no time getting to parks and coasters! Within about 2 hours of landing in Japan, we were already at Aqua Stadium!


First credit of the trip! (Well, first un-official credit, that is!)


We took a side trip to Shibuya that evening. This is the famous "crossing" - it's just complete nuts!


One of our favorite Yakitori restaurants is here. Yum!


You know you want some of this awesomeness!


As much as I love the "Welcome to Japan" sign at the airport, this may very well be my favorite sign in the world!


Who wants one?


Since we knew that Toy Story Mania had a scheduled re-hab coming up, we decided to take a trip over to Tokyo DisneySea to check it out. As expected, the area for this new attraction looked awesome! Better than any of the versions at the USA parks!


Woody OM NOM NOMs all the oncoming riders!


Even the FastPass machines were heavily themed!


Loved the queue and boarding area!


I think we got the best Toy Story Mania score ever! A pussy and a beaver! =)


Might as well check out the awesome "Shiriki Tower of Terror" right next door.


"The world is mine oyster."


The theming of Shiriki Tower is amazing. In this loading area, you can't even tell where the door to the ride vehicle is until it opens!


Our first popcorn of the day! This was a new flavor since the last time we visited the park, and it was delicious!


There isn't a better looking backdrop for a theme park anywhere else in the world!


We pretty much couldn't stay in the park very long without riding this!


Lava Monster... 'Nuff said!


"Just hanging out in Mysterious Island...having a turkey leg and a frozen beer...you know, you're typical day in Japan!"


Tokyo Disney has these cool little "RFID Mickey's" you can buy for the 30th anniversary. You use them to interact with these displays at both parks. Certainly cool to see some ideas that could be implemented into MyMagic+ someday...


Our next popcorn was just plain, old, salt...


Curry is one of my favorites! Can never decide between this one and Black Pepper! (do I have to?)


Aquatopia - the most awesome, pointless ride ever created in the history of everything!!!


This was another somewhat new flavor. I'm not a fan, but it's not bad...




One more shot of Mysterious Island...because it's awesome!


We had take out pizza that night. The pizza was great, but the box was something right out of Google Translate! lol


Back on the trains again the next day to get to our next park!


TPR is traveling the only way to really experience Japan.... by train!


The trip officially starts with Kawasemi - an Intamin Mega-Light at Tobu Zoo!


My "coaster wish" - for every park to have one of these! Who's with me? =)


Kawasemi is seriously awesome! Amazing airtime!


The world really needs a lot more of these coasters!


Even our Aussie friends love Kawasemi!


Tobu Zoo is also home to a massive Intamin wooden roller coaster, Regina. It ran pretty well today!


Oh, creepy, but AWESOME Japan! =)


You're doing it wrong!


Tobu Zoo had just recently updated the zoo area, complete with a brand new giant Ferris Wheel!


KidTums was picking up chicks at the zoo.


It's always funny to see dogs as part of zoo exhibits in Japan. They can't really have big dogs like this as domesticated pets since most everyone lives in apartment buildings!


Guess what? Elephant!


Time for lunch! They have the best "Itarian food" in all of Japan here!


Lots of Intamin rides at Tobu Zoo. Probably why we like this park! =)


These were awesome! 1 in 10 of the cookies were blazing spicy hot! What an awesome concept! =)


Gotta love crazy Japan!


I don't even know what the hell this is, but I had to take a picture of it because it was so screwed up!


Had an awesome day at Tobu Zoo! Keep following along here as well as on Twitter and Facebook for more of our Japan Adventures!

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Awesome Stuff! Japan has always been one of those places I've always dreamed of visiting, maybe sometime ahead when the future looks brighter! I've always wanted a Mega-Lite credit too, and it looks like you guys beat me to it Keep the Trip Reports coming!

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Great report so far. Tokyo Disney looks great as always. The 1 out of 10 cookies thing would be fun for any party. Especially if you didn't tell them. I will make it to a Mega-light one of these days.

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Any trip that starts with Tokyo Disneysea is a good one! I chose to end my Asia trip last year there after TPR China, so it would end on a high note.


I'm surprised you were able to get fastpasses for Toy Story Mania! Were you there right at opening? There were all gone very early each day I went! The mad dash at opening to the ride and the fastpasses was the craziest I've ever seen. They had a MASSIVE queue set up just for the fastpasses, taking over much of the ride's queue, which redirected that queue out into the midway, all the way to Tower!


I considered skipping Tobu, but Kawasemi got me there. It was worth it!

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Tokyo Disney Sea looks awesome! Love the theming!

What type of coaster is Galaxy Express? I was told it was a launched coaster but I'm just double checking.

Hope you guys have a great time! By the way, could you bring back a Tokyo Disney Sea Map for me? That would be awesome!

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Sitting here already burning with jealousy over all of the awesome japan stuff. We also need to have to some kind of law that says every park needs to have a mega lite. They look amazing and no one has bothered to build in in the u.s. yet.

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