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Park Workers, Craziest things you have seen at the parkl?

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If this counts, I saw a 30-40 year old man go in for a job interview for Six Flags in gym shorts, a t-shirt, and wearing flip flops. He claimed to the interviewer, " I thought about dressing up for today, but I figured I'm at a park, so why not wear what I usually wear to parks?"


Seriously. Do you think you're gonna get the job?

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In terms of things I've "seen" working at a park, the craziest thing for me is the amount of pocket knives we find on rides. For example, it is not uncommon for Ravine Flyer II operators to turn in four or five knives to lost and found during the day. This doesn't take into account the ones people put into the bag-drop areas and remember to retrieve. I guess I never realized how many people carry them around. Then again, this is another unique thing to a free-entry park as most closed-gate parks would probably never let them past the metal detectors.

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- People snorting cocaine in queue lines

- People having sex in random places (including skyride cars)

- A guy stealing a plant from a restaurant, then trying to claim he "won" it playing Skeeball


You will get to a point when working at a park where anything you see doesn't surprise you in any way. People are insane.



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You will get to a point when working at a park where anything you see doesn't surprise you in any way. People are insane.



I feel bad whenever I have to be the one to inform the guest that the park no longer has X ride or attraction. I know it isn't exactly crazy, but it does stand out whenever a guest asks where they can find or whether we still have an attraction that has been gone for a considerable amount of time (unlike, say Pittfall or Turnpike). The oldest one I've been asked about was Laff in the Dark, which was removed in 1965.

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At SFNE, there was a group of 5, maybe 6 people that cut the entire line to the front on Bizarro, and came out of the bushes right in front of the Security Guard working the ride and he just looked at them and nodded. He let them cut all of the people waiting in line, he was not doing his job.

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This is tough. I started working at Legoland in 2009, then did two Disney College Programs. The first was from January 2010 until July 2010 and the second from January 2011 until January 2012. Since May of 2012 I've been a proud member of Legoland California's education team.


I've got a lot to choose from.


I'm gonna say it was the awful sight of a mother humiliating her daughter for having a panic attack at the base of Astro Orbiter at MK. She called her things like "f%^$ing freak" and asked me to yell at her too. Of course I didn't indulge this request. The incident ended with her mother physically trying to force the daughter into one of the elevators, but no way was I going to send them up, so I kept the door open and the daughter escaped and ran out of Tomorrowland towards the hub while the mother screamed profanities at myself and her fellow guests. I took necessary precautions as soon as I got the mother out of there.



No parent should ever publicly humiliate their child like that. The occasional bad behavior inside Disney's gates always amazes me. The good thing though, is that for every bad guest there are 100 good guests. Also Disney is very good at handling situations like the one I encountered. I never found out from security what happened to those two.

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Off the top of my head someone who had been in a 10 min queue for a ride, were about to board the ride then decided they needed to go to toilet so instead of leaving the ride and going to toilet or holding it in they just too a pee on the ride platform. They then looked confused when we said we had to temporarily shut the ride down due to his pee needing to be cleaned up.

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I've seen a lot of crazy things working in parks over the years. At Disney it always amazed me the amount of foreigners that would pee in bushes, behind buildings, and even into floor drains in que lines!


One of my favorite stories though was I once worked at a park that had a fairly old carnival style Himalaya ride where the ride cycle direction and length was manually controlled by the operator. One day the operator actually fell asleep in the control booth for like 20 minutes with the ride running, with guests on the ride! I was working across the midway and didn't really notice what was going on until I finally noticed that the kids on the ride were screaming for someone to help them, and at full speed reverse rotation It's kind of hard to tell when a 10 year old kid is screaming out of pure joy or complete terror! The funniest part of the story was that the operator was from Africa as part of some sort of student employee exchange program, so they couldn't exactly fire the guy and send him home the next day! Needless to say the rest of the summer he exclusively dedicated to trash and clean up duties, no more ride operations for him!

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Drunk lady shutting a coaster down pushing on the gates too hard.

A few fights (although pretty much all of them were verbal fortunately).

A group of people arguing about what shut the coaster down (sitting on the brake run).

A couple of people changing their ADA access forms to grant ride access (they'd try to bypass ride restrictions, even though normally they wouldn't be permitted to ride).

A deer hopping a fence and getting really close to the ride

Lines for the kiddie rides stretching down the pathways on busy days (very rare occurrence).

Usually drunk people hopping fences to retrieve lost hats

The usual dumb comments

Lady almost passed out on the roller coaster. Medical team had to come in and carry her out on a stretcher.

Lady berating her kid for freaking out on the swings. I saw him earlier on a kiddie ride, but when he freaked out on the swing, his mother yanked him out of the seat and dragged him out of the ride kicking and screaming. Everybody on the ride looked freaked out.


Stories I've heard

A gay couple making out in a dark ride, then leaving the car and running around the inside of the building.

A ride lead getting into a fight with another employee. He took a dustpan and whacked his coworker across the face.

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One of my former coworkers told me this story. The park had closed for the night and my friend (I'll just refer to her as "M") was in the operator's booth of her ride going through the usual end-of-the-day procedures. She heard two voices coming from the other side of the booth just outside the ride perimeter. Initially, she couldn't hear what they were saying, but she did manage to pick up one of them saying, "Let's just do it here, nobody is watching." Out of curiosity, of course, M peaked out from behind the operator's booth and saw two teenage boys unzip their pants and urinating in the grass. So M grabbed the station microphone and said into it, "Stop peeing on my ride!"

She reported that the two boys ran away. What was strange was they were not too far from a bathroom that is usually open for about an hour after park closed. I have a few stories of my own, but I think that's my favorite employee story from someone I know. We have a lot of public peeing stories here, don't we?

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^At WDW we closed certain attractions because of the high potential for drug use and/or people having sex. If you want a really entertaining read about all of these shenanigans I recommend the Mouse Tales books.


I have some stories from working TTA (not on Grad Nights), but I don't want to wreck my chance of working for the Mouse again so I keep them to myself.

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At SFNE, while working the Soccer Challenge game, a girl came up to me asking where first aid was because "she dropped a blunt on her leg and it burned her so bad she started bleeding." When I pointed her in the direction of first aid she walked away in the opposite direction.

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Tons come to mind from my 10 years at Geauga Lake but these stand out the most,


Lady at customer relations window demanding a refund for sea world tickets. This was long before Six Flags WOA.


A woman in the water park that had a hairier chest than I've ever had and I'm italian.


People walking down speed slides, co-worker riding the steep one head first laying on his back.


Girl in small bikini that had bush growing halfway down her thighs


Old lifeguard breakroom was under the turnaround of the big dipper, Co worker doing cleanup found a half full bottle of cheap vodka someone had lost off the coaster and then proceeded to guzzle it on the spot. Different co worker intentionally stuck his head up into the coaster tracks when the train was coming then ducked down just as the train passed.


Ride op asleep at the control panel on grizzly run.


Maintenance guys having a demo derby with their work trucks


Baby ducks swallowed whole by giant mutant lake carp


Countless people in restricted areas including low zones


Attendees at a small company picnic cut off from buying booze before 1pm when beer sales started at noon.


Park deputies sword fighting with batons on the midway.


Drunken maintenance and safety services personnel sneaking into park at 3 am and driving the go-karts around the midway.


Turds and tampons everywhere!


Legendary theft of sea world baywatch boat by drunken lifeguards who crossed lake on a paddleboat, hotwired the boat and then drove it in front of packed sea world stadium during the nightly laser show.


Employees riding Double Loop with the OSTR's up.


Large floating snake from turtle beach dumped in wave pool, pool break then called "due to exotic animals drowning" Water ops manager later trying not to laugh demanding to know who did it and that the ops supervisor was "up his ass with a flashlight"


Daily multiple person chain riding the turtle beach waterslide headfirst holding the ankles of the co-worker in front of you.

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