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TPR's 2012 China Trip!

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^I thought of Wayne's World when I saw that.


I also decided I'm going to put a Tagada in my backyard, and if lawyers do fall from the sky, I will make sure my T-Rex will eat them.


Thanks for posting updates from China Robb. I really wish I could have gone on this trip because honestly, the only way I would go to China is with TPR. I'm glad everyone is having a good time and nobody has died riding knockoff SLCs.

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Looks like I need to save for the next TPR china trip!


Jason - Unfortunately, after riding many of us have concerns about how time will treat this coaster, we'll see shortly hoe Fireball held up.


Fireball was great on the last China trip...really hope that still holds true!

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Just a heads-up - apparently they're re-tracking Wooden Coaster Fireball?


Now you won't be able to tell how rough the ride has gotten over three years. But, I guess they're re-tracking it for a reason...


What are you talking about AJ??? That picture you linked to was taken in MAY and it's now nearly OCTOBER! Of course the ride is open.


We rode it today and it ran AMAZING!!!


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