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TPR's 2012 China Trip!

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If I rode the spinning/pirate ship/disk-o of death I would totally be drying skid-marked whitey-tighties on the clothes line the home owner has set up afterwards. I can't even believe that thing exists. Looks like a great trip so far!

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Today was two fairly "big" parks in Beijing - Shijingshan Park and Sun Park. While they have a lot of roller coasters, there is nothing really notable to write home about. Lots of credits, but mostly all crap....


BREAKING NEWS!!! OMG! Today's Chinese food breakfast in China tasted like Chinese food breakfast!


Our current view... Chinese traffic and smog!


First park of the day - Beijing Shijingshan Park! (aka home of Chinese Knock-Offs!)


Even the Chinese knock-off castle is bigger than Disneyland's!


Which ride should we do first!


We'll start with the shuttle loop of death! Good luck guys!


Yes, you can clearly see this ride is "quality!"


And in case you're wonder, yup, it still does that scary thing it did in 2008 where coming back the the loop the train slows, falls on its up stop plates, makes an awful noise, and continues trough the loop!


Would you believe this ride is actually OPEN?


Mine train of death!




This looks safe!


Yay! We're at Epcot!


Yes, Chris, that is a REAL space shuttle!


It's not a ride, it's ACTUALLY a monster that eats you!


Look! It's a Vekoma SLC! Oh, wait...


Apparently, we're also at Disneyland Paris!


YES!!! Another Chinese knock-off SLC!!!


Awesome maintenance!


Chinese knock-off wacky worm!


Looks like the real thing... But it's not!


The first of many, many Golden Horse Chinese knock-off Maurer spinners!


Have fun, guys!




Yay! A knock-off Arrow loop-screw!


This is normally what a roller coaster looks like at an abandoned park, but here it's open!


The "newer" section of the park.


Hi Jeff Johnson, how's it going?


Lol! We totally valleyed a coaster! Do t worry, they came and pushed it!!! There is video!


Chinese knock-off disk-o.


Lol! This place is messed up!


Oh, look! A Crazy Mouse!


Oh....well...maybe it will open later?


I love the names of these Chinese rides!


Now we're in tomorrowland.


Chinese knock-off Zamperla mixer.


Yay! For Chinese knock-off Domo stuff!


"Warrior Turnplate???"


Welcome to Malaria Lake!


Chinese Food Truck.


Hooray! We survived Beijing Shijingshan Park!!!


Next stop... Sun Park!


Hey Big Mike, you gonna let Hanno do this?


Time to be dirty whores!




Sun Park means serious business!


Another Chinese knock-off Arrow Loop Screw.


TPR loves Chinese knock-offs! Lol.


"The sign of quality!"


Also, note - this seat belt is holding me in!


The best "Engrish" sign we've seen so far!


Chinese knock-off Spinning coaster #2!!!


Happy spinning!


Chinese Big Thunder Mountain!


"Unsuitable for psychopaths!"


"Sorry, you cannot ride, psychopaths!"


Disgusted gorilla is disgusted.


The most whorish coaster of the trip!


Big Mike on the smallest coaster in China!


That's the entire coaster!


Professor Pineapple.


Happy Mr. Pineapple.


Chinese knock-off Knotts Berry Farm!


This isn't a coaster!!!


Just like Knotts!


This cats name is "lunchmeat."


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Well these pics should curb some of the bitching about Six Flags and their maintenance. I'm sorry you have to ride those knockoff SLCs but the pictures/video have been the highlight of my week. Those wheels and axels look in great condition.

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I'm loving all the new pictures when I log on every morning! I would really be scared to ride some of those things because they look like they could fall apart any second. Seeing the "Malaria Lake" picture, I really hope no water rides are forthcoming. I shudder to think what you could catch from the water!

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