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TPR's 2012 China Trip!

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I felt it was pretty much EXACTLY X2. Or at least that's what it felt like. I realize that there are some slight differences, but I couldn't notice. Now, if you like X2, then that's awesome!

Yes, that IS awesome! I didn't think you guys would be getting to this park!

X2's layout is unique, Eejanaika and Dinoconda are identical as far as I know. Eejanaika uses trains similar in appearance to the original X trains, Dinoconda's trains appear to be a lot more similar to the X2 trains. The only layout differences from X2 are a slightly higher first drop and a full-full instead of a half-half. Were you able to record rider POV (As opposed to car-mounted)?


Either way, as the self proclaimed world's biggest 4D coaster fan my jealousy is absolutely off the charts right now. That ride and/or Eejanaika are at the top of my bucket list.

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^ The insane B&M Flyer with the loop (Starry Sky Ripper or Sky Scrapper whichever they feel like calling it this week) is proof that B&M can still do it "old school!" It was easily the most intense, most original B&M I've ridden in ten years. Why can't ALL (or at least the majority) if their newer rides be this good?

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Yesterdays parks really surprised me. I enjoyed both even in crappy weather.


World Joyland had a few knockoff rides that were just not good, but the kiddie interactive game "Mole's Adventure" and the shooting walkthrough "Soul Hunter" were favorites of mine. As Robb said Sky Scrapper lived up to and exceeded the expectations.


China Dinosaur Park to me felt like Busch Gardens with a dinosaur theme. The indoor MotoCoaster (on pterodactyls) was extremely fun and Dinoconda pleased both SyFy fans and those who like 4D coasters. One could easily spend a full day there if they like shows. Theming at this park was a level deeper than the Happy Valley parks.


Robb did an incredible job working with the parks and ride manufacturers to secure filming sessions allowing trip participants to get on all coasters at these parks. At World Joyland, Sky Scrapper and the Sky Loop did not open to the public yesterday when we rode. At China Dinosaur Park, the combined ride time for the three coasters would have been close to 5 hours without Robb's hard work.

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We've ridden about 85 coasters on this trip so far and I feel like 47 of them have been this standard Chinese "Jungle Mouse." There is seriously one of these mouse coasters or a Golden Horse spinning coaster in pretty much EVERY park in China!!!





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Re: Fireball Rode it about 15 months ago and thought it was great! Was very fast with great airtime, good layout, and good drops. Definitely a top tier woodie for me. Landed around 5 on my woodie list based soley on 3 daytime rides all towards the back of the train. Would LOVE to ride it during a light night ERT session, would probably jump up a few notches. I hope you all got some rides late in the day!

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Alright, you guys finally made it to Guangzhou... my neck of the woods (my fiance lives in Guangzhou and I am there twice a year). Have a great time at Chimelong Paradise, just curious are you guys planning on going to the top of the Canton T.V. tower to do the rides up there?

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^ Yeah, a bunch of us did several different "rides", movies, walk-throughs, etc. the consensus was that while everything looked really nice, other than the B&M there was no real stand-out attraction at the park. The attractions were just knock-off of other things (Soarin', Spider-Man, 4D Movies, etc.) and we're mediocre at best.


I have to say that personally, while the park appeared to be really well themed, I couldn't help but to just think that it's just a poor-mans rip off of IOA based on a set of pictures they saw or something. There were sections of the park that were like completely lifted from IOA, and while it was a really good knock-off, it's still a knock-off and that's what kept me from liking it more. I dunno, I loved the B&M, but I just wasn't overly impressed with the complete package the park had to offer.


On a positive note, At least it's an IOA copy before Harry Potter!

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