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TPR's 2012 China Trip!

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^Go to customink.com and they will make individual shirts that you customized yourself and will ship them to you for about $25 or so. It's awesome. I used it for my best friend last year and made him a funny Halo (video game) shirt. No, I'm not affiliated with them. Just sayin'.


Still totally wish that I could have gone, but my allergies would probably go haywire.

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I shudder to think what you could catch from the water!


Drink the water but don't eat the ice must not apply to China as it does to Mexico.

Oh, it does. We discourage people from getting ice in their drinks here.


In places like our Marriott hotel restaurant or a legit chain restaurant it would be fine because they will have a water purification system, but when at parks, you only drink bottled sodas and you shouldn't get ice in your drinks.



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More China Trip Photos...


Today was Happy Valley Beijing!!!


Our day at Happy Valley Beijing starts out with ERT and filming in Crystal Wings!


We're all lined up on the exit side getting ready for some ERT!


We also had ERT on the 100%, totally legit, never-been-so-happy-in-my-life-to-see-a-REAL Vekoma SLC!


Real Vekoma SLC? LOVE IT!!!!


"We love REAL Vekomas!"


This model has seen better days! Lol


Vekoma mine train credit!!!


Although, the ride seems to be called Jungle Racing... But whatever! Lol.


The theming looks great!


"We just paid 90 cents for a bottle of Coke... Suck it, Six Flags!!!"


Has to be the best themed B&M flyer anywhere!


And here is video proof!


This ones name is "Quick snack"


"Cats are friends, not food."




Queue jumping = "Uncivilized behaviour!" lol


Trojan Horse Top Spin... Yup.


The Happy Valley custodial crew!


Chinese love body condoms!




"One of these things is not like the other..."


Actual photo! NOT photoshopped!!!!


It's so nice to be at a REAL park!


I love vomiting statues!


Virgin Forest??? Well, this is Happy Valley!


In most Chinese bathrooms, toilet paper is NOT included in the stalls. You either have to bring your own, or some of them have rolls on the wall and you have to pre-determine the size of your dump and how much you'll need before you go in!


Oh, and most of the toilets look like this.


Yay! We are back at DisneySea!


I'm not exactly sure what this is!!!


The English translation of the midway games are awesome!!!


In China, Piers is his own attraction!


They have one of these spinning human wheel things... Didn't work *quite* the same as Southport.




Chinese Knock-off Plants Vs Zombies Vans!


Chinese knock-off converse!!!


I'm not sure if this is slightly racist or not! Lol.


Giant Ass Frisbee!


OMG! Look at the line for the B&M flyer now! Good thing we had ERT!!!


Wait... There's more! Wow!


The B&M looks impressive, though!


"Cats are friends, not food!"


Just met Chinese coaster enthusiast "Lance" who is a big fan of TPR!


Fun day at Happy Valley Beijing!


After Happy Valley, we made a quick stop at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Park.


Some of the signage has not really been kept up.


Happy Magic Water Cube!!!


Olympic venue credit!!!


TPR playing Frogger with all the crazy Chinese drivers!!!


BREAKING NEWS!!! McDonalds tastes like McDonalds in China!


Follow along with us on our Facebook and Twitter page:



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Awesome themed "B&M-Flyer" - you named it, Robb...


^Robb, It could be argued - especially by you - that the "SKLOOOOOOOOSH!!!!-picture" includes the completely opposite from tons of "HOTNESS": (Tons of) FRESHNESS!!


"Anyway", thanks a lot for your efforts/great pictures!!! : - )


Have all much fun...!

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