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  1. My favourite is Space Mountain at WDW, then probably the original version of SM at DLRP followed by Winja's.
  2. There were a couple of people panicking that Dragster had been removed as well.
  3. Longest I've waited was 3 hours for Journey to the Centre of the Earth at Disney Sea and it was worth it! Before that I waited a horrible amount of time at Lightwater Valley for the Dinosaur Coaster, which along with the Ultimate and the amazing fence maze were the only rides we managed that entire day! Generally though if I've already been on it, 20 minutes is probably the most I can manage to wait. (Was also spoiled by living close to Disney World for a while)!
  4. Were the rides being run in proper German travelling fair mode? Or a tamed down UK version? I think these days it has more to do with the Germans being better at football more than anything else!
  5. There's a rapids and a log flume and a powered coaster which are all right. Lots of kids rides. But the majority of family rides have either been removed or burnt down. It's crazy that 12 years ago Thorpe really didn't have thrill rides.
  6. Will be revisiting Wonderland as it's now my home park. Hopefully make it to some of the other parks in the area. Unsure about giving money to Marineland though. Bit of a catch 22 there. Then of course I'm looking forward to the TPR Texas trip, which will be all new for me. Then maybe Darien Lake or Great Adventure as well. Should be fun!
  7. Those of you going on the Japan trip and flying with JAL, here's something that might be of interest: Air KFC it's only only till Feb, but maybe it'll get extended.
  8. My one and only trip to Holiday Park years back, had horrible, horrible operations on GeForce. They took ages to load the train and check everyone's pockets. Which is frustrating, but understandable. But when the line dropped below half an hour, they took the second train off, which took half an hour! They added the second train back later in the day!
  9. Expedition for all the reasons people have listed above. They are fun and honest. Although a RAW special on Boomerangs would be AWESOME.
  10. Speaking of Splash Mountain at Splash in Tokyo we stopped for ages at the top of the drop into the Laughing Place. We'd been there about 5 minutes, lights came on, music stopped. Very excited about the chance of getting evvaced, but then the ride started again. But the music and AA's had stopped so we spent the next few minutes floating about in silence. Joked about it running in Florida mode. The CM's were highly embarrassed when we came back to the station and gave us re admission to any other ride. Great stuff.
  11. Sent in the deposit for the Texas trip. It'll be my first TPR trip, so I'm pretty excited. Looking forward to City Museum the most!
  12. I had no idea the Rotor was that old. You'd never get that impression actually riding the thing! So well maintained. Great pictures!
  13. I've been evacced from the front row of Everest right at the top. I have a picture of me with the mangled track in the background. Entertaining walk down a nondescript flight of stairs, where a poor CP had to carry an obese child down the stairs as it wouldn't walk down on their own. Got a glimpse of the Yeti AA and everything.
  14. I'm really interested in the Texas/Mid West trip. Have to wait till the 23rd to make the deposit, that should be ok?. (Unless you take Ikea vouchers)?
  15. I wonder if they will get rid of the 3 room bottle neck. The press release talks about 3 different vehicles that guests can choose. It could be a different vehicle type for each room? You then get sent down a separate line and design your vehicle in one of the rooms? Does anyone know what the budget is, are they adding a couple of new lights or are they shifting walls and queue line about as we'll? Hopefully they keep the 'Hello! the seatbelt check is right round the corner!' Which I am sure has sent many a Cast Member mad.
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