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TPR's 2012 China Trip!

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^That thing looks amazing, can't wait to read everyone's opinions on the thing. I watched a POV earlier on Gravity Group's page and the ride reminds me a lot of Lightning Racer, except with the insane high 5 element. Looks like a real winner, hopefully someone in America can step up to the plate and built something like this. Don't know why but Knoebels seems like a park that a ride like this might fit in nicely at......

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If that first photo is not in Gravity Group's IAAPA booth this November, I will be very shocked!




Also, I've never been on a TPR trip, but I feel like these high-five shots sum up how awesome the trips are (especially from everything I've read/seen in so many TR's). These pics totally capture the ultimate "we're having a blast on this ride" expressions!

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More China pics...


We also posted two videos on our Facebook page...we suggest you go watch them...they are pretty epic!

TPR on the Tagada:



Randomness in China:



Today we arrived in Chengdu...and we are back at Floraland!


One of these is a knock-off Mickey Mouse looking character, one of them is a crazy German. Can you tell which is which?


And what has Floraland added since our last visit? That's right, kids, a Chinese Knock-Off SLC!!! Hooray!!!


We have good news and bad news... The bad news is that we have to ride another one of these...the GOOD NEWS is that it's the LAST ONE of the trip! I know, I know...you're all disappointed!


Congrats guys, you have made it through ALL the Chinese Knock-Off SLCs on this trip!


It's just amazing!


Would you believe this ride only opened two years ago?


And yes! This park also has as a Chinese Knock-Off spinning mouse!


Yay! Another Golden Horse awesome ride!


GET EXCITED!!!! Oy! Chinese Ride Op! Did you not hear me? GET EXCITED!!!!


"Swimin' The Rip Current" - I just really like this name!


We would like to introduce TPR to the amazing Tagada!


This ride is just awesome kick-your-ass FUN!!!


Our Chinese DJ was really getting into it!


Pile of bodies...


LOL! Gotta watch the video we posted to Facebook!


WTF? Random Cyborg boxer guy!


Adam would kill to have this knock-off R2D2 trash can in his room!




Park Map...yup!


The most awesome attraction of the park! The Ice House!


Knock-Off Coca-Cola bear things so too!


Ready to go in?


"I hear this is the place to get your clothes..."


"Welcome to the Ice House!!!!"


Yay! The "Russian Ice Slide" is still here!


This really is an awesome attraction.


And yes, it's an officially licensed Disney bobsled! lol! Just like the Matterhorn!


TPR Lining up for the Ice Slide. Does it count as a credit?


It technically has a lift hill!


Mmmm....meat on sticks!


"What? Only three?!?!"


Chinese Knock-Off Top Scan!


Angry guy pulls sad rabbit out of the hat!


Hooray for Mickey Mouse looking weird thing!




I want to bring one home!!!


The Chinese REALLY love Plants Vs Zombies!


This is the "new" section of the park.


Adult Frog Hopper!


Yay Floraland!


TPR had an awesome visit!


While we were on the Knock-Off SLC, we noticed something across the street...another looping coaster!


We talked to the people at Florland, and they told us that the original park was "Phase 1", the new water park that just opened was "Phase 2", and this third gate which will open sometime in 2013 is "Phase 3"


We got to walk around the park that is under construction.


There is also going to be what appears as a Roller Skater type of coaster.


One of these crazy flats was under construction.


This looks like some sort of spinning coaster.


More of the new Floraland third gate construction.


Pirate ship and other stuff.


More construction pics.


The giant ferris wheel looks pretty complete.


More of the double-loop, double corkscrew coaster.


Here's the concept art for the park


Concept art part two.


Time to go check out some credit whore parks in Chengdu - this time at "People's Park"


"Ticket Office" lol


Yup - Another kiddie!




Have fun guys!


It's a small coaster, but it's totally gravity driven fun!


Our next stop was Xinhua park for another kiddie credit!


Yes, we are pathetic...but proud! lol


Another credit for TPR! Yay!


Control panel porn!


"Reach Envelope? What does that mean???" - Chinese roller coaster designers.


Now go watch the two videos we posted to our Facebook page:

TPR on the Tagada:



Randomness in China:



Follow along with us on our Facebook and Twitter page:



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