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Efteling Discussion Thread

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Let's just hope that rumor is true. I mean I can see for quite sometime now the park getting a Flyer (those 2 pieces seem to fit in my head so perfect) and count that they plan to strive for 5 Million visitors by 2020 it would be something for the said year. If they would do it and no other park in Europa jumps in front of them they would get a lot of fans interest in the coaster. I mean I hear European people begging for a B&M flyer for years.

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^ Now that a ride i'd like to ride!


A second B&M coming to the park would be great! For me a Flyer would fit perfecty in the park, a ride like Air would be great. Air is also still my favorite Flyer...

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Are the giant wheels going to be added to the lift or are they not doing that?

Yes, they will. All concept arts, as well as the miniature shown at the press event have them and they are visible on the new park map. And they will be quite huge! Also a big bell will be attached to the tower. Probably the wheels will turn while you climb the lift, then stop when you hang above the drop. The bell will ring and down you go

The only thing that remains unsure is the design on the 'wheelcases'. On the side view-concept had a female figure was depicted on them, while on the miniature and track layout concept there were twp lion/griffon like creatures. Personally I prefer the latter design! But we'll wait and see.


By the way, I really like the additional details that they are currently adding on the supports. This gets better every day.

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Here is another Construction update, Today they made progress on the construction of track and completed the Helix. Also all Supports are placed now:


Red = Unbuild track.

(Dark) Green = Build track. (Dark green is the build track inside the tunnel)

Purple footers = unbuild supports.

Light blue footers: Supports under construction.

Orange footers = Build Supports.

Yellow just shows how the supports (could) connect to the track.

Blue is just the location of the tunnel.


Man that Helix looks great, love the banking.

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I like the low construction fences so that people can properly see construction. It looks like lots of people are enjoying watching them put the ride together. The helix is a really nice shape too, hopefully the train keeps up a good speed going through it.

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