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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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^ He said there will be inclines of up to 85 degrees, but not the drop itself. As it's a B&M dive coaster, i'd expect this to be a 90 degree drop, just like the rest of them.


Oblivion isn't 90 degrees, so it's not a guaranteed angle of drop. I also think Krake isn't 90 degrees either

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^They're both 87 degrees, i didn't know that. So this will most likely be around the same.

Why couldn't it be 90? It looks like B&M is afraid of giving their rides a little bit more airtime. For those who've ridden dive machines, how much air do the drops usually have?

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The old dive machines (Oblivion and G5) both have 87 degrees drops because of the wheel axles, it's easy to see this if you look at photos of their first drops. Starting with Sheikra the dive machines got fully 80 degrees drop.


When it comes to Krake there is a bit on confusion. Some respected sites claim 90 degrees and some respected sites claim 87 degrees. For this reason RCDB dosen't list any of them.


It's hard to tell which one is true, watching some photos from different angles it looks to be 87 degrees but viewing from the side it looks to be fully 90 degrees.


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Does 3 degrees really make any difference?


Well I have never gone on Oblivion and thought to myself "You know what an extra 3 degrees would really improve this ride". So I would say no its doesnt make any difference.

In practice it doesn't really make a difference but it feels "special" to know the drop is fully vertical.

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