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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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I also think so..


Gardaland doesn't like show much its new rides during construction but still makes this kind of fake-building-webcam-timelapse


Something like this happened also in 2010-2011 with Raptor, I know this is a little annoying to us parks-enthusiasts

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I didn't mind it with Raptor as it was just a green screen for a few seconds. Still the image was up te date even when the shadow flew over. This just blocks like half the web image. I understand they want to tell a story with it and not just stop with the videos and make it all complete. But yeah starts to get annoying now and that video of the cooling down is also more then a week old. Remove it Gardaland, Merlin marketing sometimes I like it sometimes it bugs me.

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The base of the lift features a braced support, instead of the continuous box section (as seen on most of the recent B&Ms). Odd.


I liked that look, but this looks good as well. Also, it seems like B&M is using more of these "mini" track sections at the base of their lifts. Anyone with structural design knowledge know why this is? I assume this is to reduce stress.

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I love that parks are building more B&M dive machines. While they aren't particularly forceful, the drops really make the rides special. Sheikra at Busch Gardens still among my favorites of all the B&Ms I've ridden for this reason.


Overall I prefer B&M Dive Machines to B&M Wing Riders, so I like the trend also.

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