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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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^Yeah me too. I guess that part of what makes these dive coaster drops so fun is the fact that B&M's OTSRs allow for some movement which means you can/will lift off your seat. With the new ones, I wonder what will happen.

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^The new ones may avoid headbanging but then I've only ridden two B&Ms (both standups) that actually made my head hit the restraint.

I've ridden Krake at Heide Park which is also a B&M Dive Coaster and it had the old restraints and I didn't get any headbanging!

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I'm really curious if they will have the new restraints or not.

I was also wondering this! I'm guessing that they will

Not that I'll make it out to ride this, I'm kinda hoping for the old restraints. I find them to be so much more comfortable.

Those Dive Coaster trains are already wide enough, having the new seats / harnesses will just make them even wider. I'm with the "no" crowd on this one.

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As I written earlier on the subject, there is probably a will from B&M to change out all the old restraints on their line-up. The old B&M restraints have been since the early 90s and all the other manufacturers are changing out there restraints. It's necessary for B&M to renew their restraints to keep their portfolio fresh.


Still can't wait to see if they will have them on the the new dive machines or not!

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