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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think it make sense because they started from what will be "indoor"


I got a couple of pictures but i'm not sure if I can link them. Gardaland forbidden to major facebook pages and fan websites to publish non-authorized pictures about building area :/


however i will keep you updated

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Looking at the progress via webcam, it appears footers are near enough nearly done. Is there any information in regards to the height and length yet? It will be interesting to have a idea how the final structure will come out.


Yes footers are ready. We don't have any official features about the layout

Height? I know Gardaland has an overall limitation of 45 meters. However in that area they are taking advantage of a natural difference in level so drop could be around 45-50 meters

Lenght? It's hard to say, but usually a piece of B&M coaster is about 10meters long and counting how many they are, final lenght should be something like 500-550 meters


I really don't like the white track, white supports combination! Even just a slight change of colour to the supports would have been nice just to break it up a little.


As you can see in all advertising around this coaster, planned main colours of the coaster and new themed area were orange and black.

Gardaland planned also to repaint in orange and black also Space Vertigo and Flying Island wich are near there


local authorities approved coaster building because it observe max height mentioned up here but rejected black and orange repainting of the whole area due to environmental impact of multiple black structures on Garda lake scenery

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I think they mentioned 30 m/s which would be 67 mph. Interesting


Yes ^^


There are also other mentions



in the video, final probe altitude is 540 meters. I think this could be the lenght of the coaster

Otherwise, 54 could be main drop height... but i think this is less possible.


However, if you watch close to the oldman's monitor in the video there are two large numbers during the whole video:


109 - this is more or less 30m/s in Km/h

54 - as above, could be drop height

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Caused by the new video on the hompage, In german and italian forums is said that:

30 m/s = 108 km/h (67,11mp/h) (could be the highest speed)

430 Meter = 430/10 = 43 Metres (141 feet) (could be the hight of the first drop with the tunnel)

540 Meter = 540 Meter (1771 feet)(maybe the lenght of the track?)

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^ Sounds the most realistic to me. I mean reversed (54 meters high and 430 meters long) makes no sense to me personally.


I do find it odd, I mean they put a big marking through Ginger in the video. I mean they discussed a name for the spiral and emphasized that much. Well I don't think it might be the name of the ride I think there is a meaning behind it. I don't know what but it screams as if it has a meaning.

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Pictures from other angles.





By the way, I did some simple calculations and if the drop really is 43 m tall the top speed should only be 29m/s. Maybe that's what they mean with the 30 m/s but even so those 29 would be true without any sort of drag which we know doesn't happen. So I wonder if those numbers are accurate.

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