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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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Well I LOVE Krake, so I'm excited for this. I hope it will have the same splash right after the drop, before the Immelmann. It would also be cool to see B&M add a corkscrew into the mix. Plus just make it longer with a helix or so.


Hopefully it will receive some really good theming, but if they follow what they did with Raptor, then it won't disappoint.

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I just hope it won't be a Krake Clone. Please B&M Add some camelbacks or something.


Krake may be short, but it is the only Dive Machine with a camelback! I'd love it to have a larger train and to see them do more with the ride though!

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This is great news for Gardaland. Regardless of whether its a Krake-like Dive Machine or a Sheikra-like Dive Machine, its bound to be an awesome ride. Looking foreword to seeing how this turns out.

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I'm looking forward to it. It's a nice park I think they can do something with A Krake style Dive Machine (I don't think a 8D Sheikra style would fit for the park). Since its Merlin we talk about I have no problem believing the theming will be great. There is just one thing I hope, no lay-out clone of Krake. Yes Krake is a great ride but I prefer to see different lay-outs.

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The Gardaland Aggiornamenti fansite has posted this (EDIT: False) elevation view of the new Dive Machine on their Facebook page.





I'm not sure I like this. At the first glance it looked like more track was made up of the station/lift/brakes than actual gravity-driven track. It isn't, but it still looks incredibly short.

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The Gardaland Aggiornamenti fansite has posted an illustration from the Dive Machine patent on their Facebook page.



Here's the example layout from the same patent document:


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That is one of a few images which were reportedly some of the original concepts for Oblivion at Alton Towers. They have been floating around on the internet since at least 2006. Couple more here from the same set of pictures:




Hopefully Gardaland will get something a bit more inventive!

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I didn't know that this park had a christmas event, looks really good.


Yep, from 2002


The season of Gardaland is composed of:


- Prezzemolo in Maschera (Carnival) + Eurochocolate (event dedicated to chocolate)

- Gardaland Magic Season (spring)

- Gardaland Night is Magic (summer)

- Gardaland Magic Halloween (autumn)

- Gardaland Magic Winter (winter)


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