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  1. Saturday 14 May will be new Kung Fu Panda themed area opening day
  2. Funny "incident" to Jungle Rapids a couple of boats stuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLbg-NDgzTM
  3. I confirm everything Gardaland is setting up a (quite little) Kung-Fu Panda themed Area by giving a theme refresh to Kaffettassen, adding a sushi restaurant and that Spinning coaster from Fabbri.
  4. should be peaceful too.. I suppose 1-10 min everywhere
  5. Yes season pass i think is better than 2 days ticket.. https://abbonamenti.gardaland.it/gardaland/b2c/index.cfm/ Price is similar but with season pass you got more.. I find quite useful Pizza menù (6,50€ pizza+nachos+0.5 lit beverage) I know there are some vouchers for Gardaland winter opening and Gardaland sea life acquarium (~5min by foot from the park) but i don't know if there's something related to other merlin's Both 62€ and 72€ season pass fastrack are referred to the whole season 62€ incudes 10 fastrack to use where/when you want over the season 72€ includes unlimited fastrack over the season but you have to choose between "Family Free" or "Adrenaline Free" 20-21 April.. It's monday and tuesday, i think you will find few people in the park... I mean... this picture was taken last monday, march 30: Imho 72€ season pass is good only if you consider visit again Gardaland this season (Magic Halloween Opening is awesome ) That's because those 2 days in april i think you probably won't even need to use your 10 fastracks included in 62€ season pass
  6. I found this nice video from TPW not only about oblivion but also about all major Gardaland attractions Unfortunately he miss to say that this year oblivion is not the only new attraction, gardaland also made an expansion to its playground area, calling it "Prezzemolo Magic Village" Later i'll post here some pictures [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  7. Today it's the big day [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  8. Final Episode of the story: http://www.gardalandoblivion.it/en/operation-orange/final-episode
  9. yes, most of queue-line will be inside that tent We don't know much about what exactly we will find inside there... the only informations we have are written here http://www.gardalandoblivion.it/en/training-center
  10. "Diabolik is preparing his next theft.... in Movieland! And he will escape on Invertigo, the rollercoaster in forward human but Diabolik backwards" in italian is an expression like... normal in forward but diabolical in backwards
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