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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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*looks* ......are they.....*looks closer* ........are they trying to...hide the tunnel...? There's a patch the looks photoshopped right where the tunnel after the drop would be...*confusion?*

The park have done from day one of the webcam, how have you not noticed already?

I don't look at the webcam I just look on here.

Every screenshot people have posted from the webcam have also had it...

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If it's going to be Oblivion I hope they do add something to it. (Like Nemesis Inferno) It's not that I dislike the name but I kinda dislike it if they just not trying to come up with original names and just pick one from on of their other parks.

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the Dark Hole, according to scientists in the video, is the gate to an Wormhole, something like a shortcut through spacetime



So, recap with all confirmed informations


Our Dive Coaster talks about a spacetime machine

Which time? up to july 1975 (Gardaland foundation, 1975-2015 40y anniversary)

Marquee is described in the video series as a "training center"

That will be a themed indoor queue line where we should find references/hints about timetravels and gardaland's past


Still nothing about final name

There will be a contest to be the first riders of this new coaster (like alredy happened with raptor in early 2011)

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I don't know but I kinda like the big nets underneath the track. I have no idea why, I mean face it it looks ridiculous I agree on that, but it kinda looks like a giant receiver for radio waves and knowing the area in which the coaster stand it fits, kinda.


Anyway looking forward to ride it in early April (I assume the park will open the ride with the park) looks like a fun ride.

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So it was Oblivion lucky they have added the Black Hole after that (wich I got to commit that I like). So yeah happy about the name little bit disappointed about the fact that they reused Oblivion's name but not that I find the name bad for a coaster. I like the logo alot.

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