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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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Story summary, according to videos on Gardalandoblivion.it


An orange spiral appeared in the sky over Gardaland

A team of scientist started to make some research about that

They try to send a probe in the spiral and they found that time date suddently changed to 1975

They started to dig the incandescent ground right under the orange spiral

Suddently spiral disappear and ground get cold. They find a strange object "Pipedom" with some etchings

Scientist discover that those etchings are kind of instruction to do a space-time travel

Meanwhile digging are going on

Digging they find a Training centre (queue line), a Station, and obviously, the black hole.

Scientist finally claim that this hole is a space-time link to our time and the past.


Basically, we will find proof to confirm what scientist claimed, making this travel through space and time.


There are some references to western-looking theme... that's because this dive is near Rio Bravo, the very first themed area in Gardaland since, obviously 1975 (Gardaland's foundation)

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New update from Gardaland!Everything is almost ready at Gardaland. Oblivion - The Black Hole, the first Dive Coaster in Italy and the longest one in Europe is standing tall, with its magnitude, its vertical plunge and the dazzling white of its tracks, on all the Park’s attractions.


But if the track has already been completed, it’s the details of the theming that are now attracting attention, while waiting to find out what this attraction will offer in terms of emotions. Along with the vertical plunge fall inside a mysterious black hole and the incredible inversions, the added value of this sensational attraction is the theming of the area and the richness of the special effects: from the interactive path leading up to the entrance of the attraction, to the boarding stage and to the out and out rollercoaster experience. It is going to be an extraordinary, incredible journey that will ideally cross a mysterious space-time conduct, a link between planet Earth and another space and time.


The white colour of the track- a very original choice for a rollercoaster – was chosen to harmonise the attraction with the vast themed area – which also includes Space Vertigo and Flying Island – and to offer an atmosphere NASA style. The fearless ones who will dart aboard lightning-fast trains, devised and made to resemble space vehicles, experiencing a journey like the ones we dream of as children. And who has never dreamt, even if for just a second, of being an astronaut? Who knows, maybe a future Samantha Cristoforetti, the young Italian astronaut, will also climb aboard Oblivion - The Black Hole, ready for the fantastic emotion of a “launch” into space…


But on top of the space inspiration, Guests will be attracted by the crux of the Oblivion experience - The Black Hole: a hole with enough gravitational field to attract and suck in everything. Besides the mouth of the tunnel there will indeed be unusual elements, completely distorted and sucked in; it will feel like being “dragged” inside the conduct, almost like being “swallowed”: part of the roof of a saloon, a windmill, a little cart, a water tank, 3 TV aerials and the van of a TV crew which had arrived to document the strange phenomenon…


Everything will appear deformed by the powerful gravitational forced generated by the “black hole”.


But this is not all, because another captivating characteristic of Oblivion - The Black Hole is the interactive path preceding the boarding of the new rollercoaster. The waiting line will be, in itself, an unforgettable experience! The path will indeed start inside a technological training centre where, through advanced software that enrich sensorial perception – you will be able to immerse yourself in the adrenaline-filled experience that leads to the train. Special effects, sounds, light games and innumerable new gen LED screens will open the way to the overwhelming and sensational journey. But will everybody be capable to climb aboard? To erase any doubt, the fearless visitors, during the wait, will face tests and pass trials; a voice will guide them through each required action. A mission in perfect NASA style: from the feeling of being launched inside a tunnel, to the balance test, to the mind-blowing 3D optical effects and the out and out boarding, inside the station. The Oblivion - The Black Hole shuttle is ready to welcome all passengers! Then, between sky and earth, among twists, turns and unexpected obstacles the extraordinary and exciting rollercoaster will bring the most fearless passengers to fall from vertiginous height, at mad speed, in a vertical plunge into oblivion, through the mysterious space-time conduct on the way to a new dimension. And contact with reality will inexplicably vanish…


“We began from the concept one year ago, moving from a planning-creative phase to the realisation of important sculptures that we are currently positioning in the area. Specific professional positions where needed for this project: architects, planners, sculptors audio/video technicians, carpenters, painters, experts in iron manufacturing… a coral organisation of many companies for the development of this great new area” - says Gianluca Ghedini, Gardaland Division Creative Manager.


42.5 metres high, 87 degrees of inclination and a speed of 100km/h: those are the numbers of Oblivion - The Black Hole, the first Dive Coaster in Italy and the longest one in Europe.


Only for true daredevils, from 140 cm in height to 99 years of age!







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