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  1. This. Everytime I've gone to PA I've stayed on site for at least 3 days, I really hope this is included with the hotels, I don't fancy paying for such few attractions but wouldn't mind popping in and out each day, that way it would just seem like another land rather than a separate park for hotel guests. Have to say, I'm really excited to see the coaster on the Skyline though, PA already has a very impressive skyline.
  2. Yes! Black pudding all the way! But I'm British and can never stop eating, I wish our portions were more like American portions! [emoji13]
  3. Either Slammer at Thorpe Park or Sky Force and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. However I love Rush too I just with it had a longer cycle.
  4. Yes, but this coaster will be the tallest in Orlando, not Florida, so I think Sheikra will keep it's title.
  5. When they start treating their women like actual human beings. If you had been to the UAE then you would would think completely differently!
  6. If someone can actually show me where Nemesis is themed outside it's station and the few random cages and cars then be my guest. It has AMAZING landscaping and an AMAZING storyline but over all it isn't that well themed when you atcually think about it.
  7. The Faux Finish on the Columns and Track to make it look "Rusty" SCREAMS theming to me. If the way a ride is painted screams theming to you then I'm guessing you honestly haven't seen much good theming.
  8. I have to agree here, I've always said that about Nemesis! The only themed park of the ride is the station and a few random piece's here and there. It is amazing LANDSCAPED, but not amazingly themed.
  9. The trims slow it down to around 80mph, then it gains speed on the first drop again, it's either Formula Rossa or Baco.
  10. The park have done from day one of the webcam, how have you not noticed already? I don't look at the webcam I just look on here. Every screenshot people have posted from the webcam have also had it...
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