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You Might Be A Coaster Nerd If....

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If people asked you about NTaG accident, you can explain it very clearly and relate this accident to RoS accident.


If you care about the kind of restraints on a coaster a lot.


If you slow down before hitting an escalator in order to match the escalator's speed and bank yourself backwards a little bit when going up.


If you wish an elevator can turn into a free fall ride.


If you bank your body when you need to make a fast turn.


If you wish the road with banking at the turns can be heartlined.

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You might be a coaster nerd if you slow down while going uphill and speed up when going downhill when walking. You may also speed up while driving over small rolling hills to catch some airtime.

Finally, you may be one if you have to correct anyone saying false information about a coaster while standing in line and they don't pay attention.

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You know you're a coaster nerd if you see the Physics Day flyer for SFGAm and say, "Wait a second, that's Batman: the Dark Knight! That's not at Six Flags Great America!"

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If you come up with ideas for new coaster elements

If you have a list of what coasters should be given the RMC treatment, complete with layout ideas.

If you speak of great coasters with a tone of reverence, as if they are holy

If your coaster related dreams come complete with airtime (guilty)

If you have coaster related dreams.

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If you are willing and/or have done a theme park trip completely by yourself (especially one that requires you to drive at least 3 hours).

Got one in the works for the week after memorial day. Going to be 12 hours or so of driving in a week. Really looking forward to it.

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