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You Might Be A Coaster Nerd If....

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If every time you hear someone talking about about parks or coasters you feel like it is your duty to step into the conversation and provide them with some important information.

Actually, if I think about it, it's a bit of a show off

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was sitting and talking on phone at work and had my ipod and scrunched up ear buds sitting in front of me. realized after a few minutes i had been subconsciously running my fingers around the cord as if my finger was a coaster on a track.


also, i never get a seat on the subway in the morning on way in to work and if i do there is only a 50% chance i am facing forward. after opening day on saturday i got on an almost empty train this morning and just happened to sit forward. didnt think much of it but as soon as the train started to move you know what popped into my head.

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If you are waiting in line at the checkout of Walmart or target, and imagine it's a line for a coaster/park.


If you walk out of that same store, see a carnival set up out in their parking lot, and ask yourself, "Why don't these stores buy their own collections of rides?"


Seriously though, even though it's probably never going to happen, stores like that having their own rides would be pretty sweet. They're often located in smaller/mid sized towns that don't have a park, or in the sub urns with other box stores, giving a slight bit of competition to the regional parks in that area.... Yes, I know, I sounded like a total nerd just analyzing that lol.

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...hearing the word "arrow" used in any context makes you think about Arrow Dynamics.

...hearing people abbreviate Salt Lake City as SLC makes you think about Vekoma SLCs.

...you will watch a movie just to see a scene that takes place at an amusement park.

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1. Whenever you see certain numbers like 305, 456, 153, 81, 121, 149, 4265, 14, 4003, 169, 6.5 etc, you can relate them to certain coasters.


2. If you are matching them with certain coasters.


3. If you know 305-i305, 456-Kingda Ka, 153-Outlaw Run or NTaG, 81-Outlaw Run or iRat, 121-Takabisha, 149-Formula Rossa, 4265-Wildfire, 14-NTaG or Smiler, 4003-Expedition GeForce, 169-Expedition GeForce, 6.5-Thriller.


4. If you got the majority of them right.


5. If you did some research on RCDB and found Expedition GeForce is 173.9ft tall or you already know it.

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If you know what an inversion other than a loop or corkscrew is called without anyone telling you.

If you put thought into what order you should ride the coasters at a certain park.

If you can identify a ride manufacturer by a ride's track type.

If you know the difference between B&M and Giovanola track.

If you can easily tell an Arrow looper from a Vekoma death machine. (not that Arrows can't be death machines)

If you think hell is a giant TOGO stand-up.

If you have ever gotten into a fight over coaster stats/rankings

If you have ever watched a park's virtual POV for their new coaster

If your favorite sounds include "woodie going up chain lift" and "B&M roar"

If you consider trim brakes "the enemy"

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If you consider trim brakes "the enemy"

Like that one!

Also if you try not to tighten your restraint so much leaving a small gap that makes other people (my friends, in my case) go: Wow! You're insane!!

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